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Fan Fiction Page 5
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fan fiction page 5


*The Gang arrive at the Dream Zone*
Nick: I love this castle. We usually wind up here in case of an emergency.
Carter: Yes, Super Nick, and we're always ready should there ever be one.
Potsworth: I'm well prepared. I want to have a happy time in the Dream Zone.
Keiko: I thought of a new activity we can do here we should try--
*alarm blares*
Sebastian: Oh no, not another emergency! Kids, please go to the Snooze Patrol and see what the Chief wants now.

*At Dream Central*
Chief: Kids, I want you to investigate this area.
*TV switches to an image of a castle on a mountaintop*
Chief: This castle is home to an artifact known as the Medallion of Constellations.
Nick: Medallion of what "elations"?
Rosie: Constellations, Nicholas. They're groups of stars that shape a particular item.
Nick: Oh...
Chief: It is said that the user of the medallion can control all the constellations in the Dream Zone.  The Nightmare Prince has located its location. We believe it's about to be stolen by him, and you must get there before he does so.
Keiko: The Midnight Patrol will not let you down, Chief!

*At the base of the bottom of the cliff*
Keiko: What a huge mountain. Too bad we don't have any climbing gear.
Carter: Don't be too sure.
*Carter paints a set up climbing equipment*
Potsworth: Is all this equipment going to hold us?
Keiko: Yes, Potsworth, trust me. With all this equipment Carter painted we'll be up the mountain and in the castle.

*Midnight Patrol starts climbing up the mountain, meanwhile a strange balloon, occupied by the Nightmare Prince, is watching on the gang*
Nightmare Prince: It's those little kids again, men. They're after the same thing we are.
Igor: Hey, where did they learn to mountain climb?
Nightmare Prince: Hmm... I don't know, but we can't let them reach that artifact. Irving, set our course to the top of the Mountain of Constellations.
Irving: Yes, boss.

*Meanwhile, the gang reaches the top of the Mountain of Constellations.*
Keiko: *panting* We made it gang, and there's the castle.
*The rest of the team reach the top*
Nick: Is that the castle up ahead?
Keiko: I'm sure it's got to be where the Medallion of Constellations is.
*As they approach the castle, they meet a jackal wearing an adventurer's outfit*
Keiko: Hey, who are you?
Jackal: My name's Saddleback. Are you the Midnight Patrol of this zone?
Keiko: Yes. My name's Keiko, and this is Carter, Rosie, Nick, and Potsworth.
Potsworth: I'm much obliged to meet you.
Saddleback: I'm on this expedition to seek and find the Medallion of Constellations.
Keiko: We are, too.
Carter: Well, let's get going.
*They eventually reach the huge door of the castle. Carter knock three times on the door, it opens by itself*
Saddleback: It's deserted.
Keiko: Well, we're the first to see this place.
Rosie: This place is kind of... yuck! Dusty!
Saddleback: Fortunately I've been here a number of times.
Carter: I think we can use this to find the artifact.
*Carter paints a flashlight*
Carter. There. Now we'll know where we're going.
Nick: Good thinking, Carter.
*Murphy nods*
Potsworth: Now we must be searching.

*After one hour of searching all around the castle, they are out of breath*
Potsworth: Any suggestions.
Saddleback: What is that?
Nick: A lever.
Keiko: All we have to is pull it.
*Keiko pulls the lever, and the wall the lever is attached to flips and the gang is flipped to the other side of the wall.*
Nick: Wow! A throne room!
Rosie: Why is it all green? Everyone knows very well it's not my favorite color.
Saddleback: That must be it!
*To the gang's surprise, they see a shiny artifact glowing*
Keiko: That's it!
Nick: We found it!
*Saddleback approaches the shiny artifact*
Saddleback: My friends, we've finally found the Medallion of Constellations!
*A white scaly hand swipes it from Saddleback's sight*
Nightmare Prince: Ha ha ha ha, and now I have it!
Nick: Hey!
Saddleback: That's OUR artifact we were searching for!
Nightmare Prince: Not anymore, you naive pests. Now that I have this, I can control all of the constellations in this zone.
Potsworth: What do we do now?
Rosie: I think we should just retreat.
Saddleback: You picked the wrong jackal to fight, Nightmare Prince. En Garde!
*Nightmare Prince and Saddleback start fighting, blow for blow to get possession of the medallion*
Carter: Give it to him, Saddleback!
Nick: Pulverize him!
*Eventually the fight is over and the Nightmare Prince is knocked down, and Saddleback has the medallion*
Midnight Patrol: Yes! Saddleback won!
Potsworth: Such a good fighter for a wild dog, isn't he?
*Back in the main hall of the castle, the gang is preparing to put the medallion back in its rightful place*
Saddleback: They're all done!
*Nick suddenly sees a sign saying "Exit below you"
Nick: Saddleback we get out this way below us.
Saddleback: Heh. Our job has been completed. We can--
*A trapdoor opens under everyone's feet, they fall through*
*They're tumbling down the chute in as if on a spiral playground slide, eventually the slide leads out the mountain crevice, and the gang plunges 40 feet towards the lake below*

*one by one, the gang emerge from the lake in this order: Keiko, Carter, Potsworth, Saddleback, Nick, Rosie*
Keiko: Wow! That was quite a ride!
Saddleback: *sighs* I needed a bath after all.
Nick: You ok, Rosie?
*Rosie splashes water in Nick's face*
Nick: Hey!
Rosie: Look what that mongrel did to me, Nicholas!
Potsworth: Are we losing our temper already?
Rosie: *growls* Not you, Potsworth, the jackal. Just look what he did to my dress! It's soaked!
Saddleback: It was our only way out.
*Moments later, the gang is back at the Snooze Patrol building*
Saddleback: Well, at least we did get the medallion back to its rightful spot. Hopefully in a spot where the Nightmare Prince will never see it again. Well, I must be on my way back home.
Carter: Where's that?
Saddleback: At the Adventurer's Club.
Keiko: It's been fun, Saddleback. I hope we meet again another time.
Carter: Yeah.
Potsworth: Well, the medallion is safely back, as Saddleback said. Let's tell the Chief about our adventure in the castle, shall we?
*The gang enters the HQ to talk to the Chief*

Fan-fic by Rash Raccoon




*In the Dream Zone's forest, Sarah the Squirrel, Squeaky the Bat, and Squirt the Skunk come out of their tree-shaped houses.
Sarah: What a perfect night for gathering nuts.
Squeaky: And learning the power of echolocation.
Squirt: And even attacking your enemies with a powerful stench.
Sarah: *sighs* I wish I could have a whole supply of nuts, but my parents say it would be nad for my cholestrol.
Squeaky: I'm one of those animals who can fly! My species is the only flying mammal. Sometimes I wish that I could do this without the aid of my parents.
Squirt: Um, even I don't get the enemies right all the time. Owls may chase back to my den. My parents always teach ME how to attack my enemies with my smell. I wish I could be that wonderful.
Squeaky: Sarah, when you ever wish for anything, does it ever come true by any chance?
Sarah: Well, if you do it hard enough, it may.
Squirt: It is a warm, night, you two. Let's go for a swim at the beach.
*At the beach, the three animals are playing tag, when a huge, white, creature emerges from the surface*
Sarah: WHOA! Look at the size of that animal!
Squeaky: It's as big as a house... maybe two.
Squirt: Who are you? And what do you want from us?
Wishing Whale: I am the Wishing Whale.
Sarah: I don't get it.
Wishing Whale: I make wishes come true. You must have wished so hard that I came to see what I can do.
Squeaky: Like what?
Squirt: Oh, you make your wish, and it comes true instantly?
Wishing Whale: Exactly. Hop on my back and I'll take you to the island.
Sarah: What island might that be?
Wishing Whale: I was visited twice by a bunch of kids who I took to that same island. Now here we go...
*About 5 minutes later*
Wishing Whale: Now you kids just pick your favorite wish, and I'll do the rest.
*Sarah, Squeaky, and Squirt whisper their wishes*
*10 minutes later they arrive at the island*
Wishing Whale: Here we are.
*Sarah and Squirt jump off the Wishing Whale, and Squeaky flies down towards the ground*
Sarah: Now what happens?
Wishing Whale, *turns her tail into an arrow*: You make your way through the forest, and you will soon see a cave. There, you will find where your wishes lie and wait.
Sarah/Squeaky/Squirt: Ok.
Wishing Whale: You need to remember one thing:
Sarah/Squeaky/Squirt: Yeah?
Wishing Whale: You are given a maximum of 2 hours to enjoy your wishes. When they are up, make sure the you are back here... before the *points to the sky* Dream Zone Moon sets.
Squeaky: What's the Dream Zone Moon?
Dream Zone Moon: Hey, kids! *pauses* wait a second... who are you guys?
Sarah: We're three animal children from a forest. I'm Sarah, this is Squeaky, and this is Squirt. The Midnight Patrol rescued us from a cell in Slumbatraz Prison.
Wishing Whale: Good luck, kids, and be careful.
*The three animals scamper into the cave, eventually, they see doors with their names on them. They go into the doors*
Sarah's wish:
Sarah: Wow! It's a world of nuts! *looks to her left* Peanuts! *looks to her right* Chestnuts! *looks ahead of her* And their's my favorite! Cocoa Nuts!
*Sarah dives into a room filled with Chocolate-covered coconuts*
Sarah: Wow! I'm going to go NUTS over this wish!
Squeaky's wish:
Squeaky: Wow! I've never seen the sky so dark in my life!
*Next to Squeaky is a porcupine*
Porcupine: Squeaky! You're just in time to attempt your leaps from branch to branch!
Squeaky: Well, I can go by this. Here I go! *squeak*
Squeaky: Wow! This is a lot of fun!
*eventually he stops at the last branch, and is hanging upside-down*
Squeaky: This is a blast! My parents will go "bats" over MY adventure!
Squirt's wish:
Squirt: Looks like a jungle.
*A wolf appears*
Wolf: *snarls*
Squirt: No! Please don't eat me! I'm too small to be food!
*as soon as he turns around, a powerful stench is erupted from his tail*
Wolf: Yuck! That stench is awful! *runs away*
Squirt: That will teach you not to mess around with Squirt, the skunk!
*90 minutes go by with their wishes, an alarm balres*
Squeaky: What's that?
Sarah: I'm enjoying a lifetime of Cocoa nuts.
Squirt: I was getting used to being a furry stinkbomb.
Sarah: *gasps* Guys, don't look now, but I think the Dream Zone Moon is trying to tell us something.
Squeaky: Yes! The Moon is setting. Squirt!
Squirt: Yeah?
Squeaky: I think our playtime is over.
Sarah: It's time to go back to the Wishing Whale!
*Sarah, Squeaky, and Squirt scamper as fast as they can to the sea, they wait 2 minutes for the Wishing Whale to arrive*
Sarah: I hear a rumbling sound.
Wishing Whale: It's me, kids.
Sarah/Squeaky/Squirt: Yes!
Squirt: Not a moment too soon.
Wishing Whale: Hop on top of me.
Sarah: Let's get going, guys.
Squeaky/Squirt: Yeah.
*Back at the beach where the animals played*
Wishing Whale: Did you enjoy your wishes?
Sarah: Enjoy them? They were FUN!
Wishing Whale: I am glad to hear that. Are you ready to go back to your forest?
Sarah: We live there. We can walk back.
Wishing Whale: See you next time.
*Back in the forest*
Sarah: Mom! Dad! I had a lot of fun at the other side of this forest! I wished that I had a bunch of nuts and it came true! Those nuts... they were delicious!
Sarah's mother: You must have had quite an adventure, Sarah. Was it fun?
Squeaky: Mom! Pop! I wished that I could be the best flyer in the Dream Zone, and it actually came true.
Squeaky's mother: I'm sure you went bats over that kind of wish. *chuckles* Sometimes I wish I had your energy.
Squirt: Mom, dad, I wished I could practice harder on my enemy attacking, and it came true.
Squirt's father: One day, Squirt, maybe you will be able to become a real fighter.
*The animals continue talking with their parents about their biggest adventure*
Written by Rash Raccoon

<DIV>*In the bayou swamp, the frogs are croaking and leaping*
*Two opossums hang upside down and chat*
Possum #1: Such a purty place, ain't it, honey?
Possum #2: Yes, precious, the swamp has been in this side of the zone since we were kids.
Possum #1: Could anything go wrong here?
*A crash sound is heard and a horde of mechincal alligators comes through. One of them chops off the twig that the opposums are on and they fall onto a log.
Possum #1: Hey! In this here swamp, them's fightin' words!
Alligator robot: Must terminate the enemy.
*Robot fires lasers from its eyes at another tree, it tumbles down*
Possum #2: Oh no, what in the Dream Zone are we everf going to do, honey?
Possum #1: If only there was help... right here... in this very zone.</DIV>
<DIV>*The Midnight Patrol appears from a fence wall right before the opposum's eyes*
Carter: Yeah! We're at the Dream Zone again!
Potsworth: Hmm? A swamp? Whoever would have imagined that a dog would end up here, especially at the start of his dream?
Keiko: Huh? It sounds like the opposums look unhappy. What are they crying about?
Possum #1: You be the Midnight Patrol, huh?
Possum #2: We've got a dilemma here in this swamp.
Boa constrictor: Thisss isss a bad sssituation.
Possum #2: Something big... and horrible... had trudged through our swamp home. It one of those cajun creatures that like to eat animals like us.
Nick: And?
Possum #1: It's threating to destroy our peaceful swamp.
Possum #2: Me and my husband have lived here for 10 years, and I'm afraid our swamp will ceace to exist if nothing is done soon.
Keiko: Don't worry, possums, we'll handle this.
Rosie: Hmph. Count me out, I'm NOT going to help out out in this green-watered dump.
Nick: Rosie?
Keiko: Rosie, you're part of the team.
Rosie: If I try to help you guys, I might get my clothes AND&nbsp; my ponytail dirty... and ruined.
Nick: Super Nick can never leave his big sister alone... Rosie!
Carter: Super Nick, I think Rosie's in a some kind of... bad mood or something.
Rosie: Because, Carter, my little brother didn't let me share his spaghetti.
Potsworth: Well, Miss Dramatic, if that's how you'll act for the rest of our adventure...
Rosie: Shut up, Potsworth.
Keiko: You'll have to excuse one of our members... she's just not been herself lately.
Possum #1: Maybe if we go into the hut and chat about our situation, it'll probably cheer you up.</DIV>
<DIV>*Gang are in the opposum's huts and are talking about the alligator*
Possum #2: This monster has invaded this swamp for 2 days and won't stop bothering us.
Carter: Was it like an alligator or something.
Possum #1: It ate through are gates and destroyed our property!
Keiko: We must find a way to get rid of that creature.
Carter: Where did he go after he bothered you?
Possum #1: I think he disappeared.</DIV>
<DIV>*The Gang is now outside the house, pondering about where the robot went*
Dragonfly: I can help out. I've got a super nose for a compass, I think he went... that-a-way!
Keiko: Thank you. Come on, Midnight Patrol, we got a menace to destroy.
Rosie: I am NOT coming.
Nick: But Rosie--
Rosie: Ask all you like. I'm NOT coming with you becuase this swamp is tacky. Nothing you try will make me move.
Dragonfly: Not even... this?
*dragonfly pokes Rosie in the back*
Rosie: OOOOOOOOOOWWWWW! Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! That hurt!
Keiko: Feeling better, Rosie?
*Rosie ignores the other members*
Nick: But Rosie...
*Rosie continues to ignore the Patrol*
Keiko: Well, we'll just have to complete this mission without her.</DIV>
<DIV>*Potsworth, Nick, Keiko, and Carter finally show up at the HQ of the robo-alligator*
Keiko: I have a plan.
Nick: What is it?
Keiko: *whispers*
Nick: I wonder where the robo-aliigator is?
Robo-Alligator: Right behind you! So glad you joined me in this bayou. Now if you'll just step a little back, right there, I might have a look at victory.
*Nick, Potsworth, Carter, Keiko don't realize that they are standing on quicksand*
Nick: Um, Keiko? Are we getting smaller?
Potsworth: I've got a bad feeling about this.
Carter: Oh no! We're standing in quicksand!</DIV>
<DIV>*Meanwhile, Rosie is relaxing in some bushes.*
Rosie: Now I'm alone. Now that that annoying Nicholas is gone I can--
Keiko, from far away: Someone... help!
Potsworth: We're going down fast!
Nick: Rosie, we're about to be swallowed!
Rosie: Nicholas? Is that you? *spots her friends in quicksand* Rosie to the rescue!
Potsworth: Is was good being your pet, Carter.
Rosie: I've come to rescue all of you!
Keiko: Rosie! Thank goodness.
Potsworth: Please get us out of this quicksand.
Rosie: Carter! You forgot your paintbrush!
*Carter takes the paintbrush and paints a rope, and hurls it at a tree*
Carter: Thanks. Hang on, everybody.
*Everyone hangs onto Carter, and as they swing onto the rope, some of the mud hits the Robo-Alligator in the face*
Robo-Alligator: What did you *garbled* just do?
*Robo-Alligator sizzles*
Robo-Alligator: I am mal... function... ing... *KA-BOOOOOOOOOOOOM*
Keiko: Did you see that? That robot was weak to its own mud.
Carter: Rosie, you're a hero.
Rosie: Would I ever leave you guys in the wrong direction?
Possum #1: Hey, way to go! You saved us from the Robo-Alligator that troubled us.
Possum #2: We owe you something special.
Nick: It was my big sister who helped us.
Rosie: I'm sorry... what I did was wrong. I made my team go alone.
Keiko: I am so proud of you, rescuing us.
Rosie: Nothing to it.
Possum #1: Would you like to stay with us and join our cajun band?
Keiko: Well, that does sound esciting, but we must report back to the Chief and get congratulated.
Possum #2: Well, I'm glad you saved us from that robo-gator. Now we can live without being threatned.
Potsworth: *sighs* We're glad you are our friend again, Rosie.
Nick: Well, let's get going!
Keiko: Come on, Midnight Patrol, let's go back to the Chief and get congratulated.
*The gang go into the distance to talk to the Chief about their victory*</DIV>
<FONT color=#ff6666>Written by Rash Raccoon</FONT>


*The Gang appears in the Dream Zone*
Carter: I can't believe it! We're back in the Dream Zone.
Potsworth: I can't believe I had to eat that mushy food. I wanted a share of thin string beans as well.
Carter: You have your own food, Potsworth.
Nick: Gang, look at this tree.
Rosie: Someone's putting a signpost on here?
Carter: I don't believe what I'm seeing.
Potsworth: I suppose it's worth looking at.
*The gang approch the sign*
Potsworth: Well, what does it say?
Keiko: It reads, "Midnight Patrol, I bet you can't beat us in the 2,419h Annual Golf Tournament taking place a the Moonbeam Course. Be there within the next hour. Signed, the Mole Bros.
Carter: Mole Bros.? Who are they?
Potsworth: I with I knew, Carter... I wish I knew.

*The Gang arrivea at the course*
Potsworth: This must be a mistake. This can't be where those moles invited us.
Mole #1: Hey! You! Kids! You got a dog or somethin' wih ya?
Mole #2: Duh... Looks kinda silly if you ask me.
Potsworth: I am Potsworth! I'll have you two know that! I am Carter's pet. *points to the kids* And these are all my human friends.
Mole #1: Wow... a boy who can fly? And with a dinosaur?
Nick: Yup, we're Nick and Murphy.
*Murphy squeals*
Mole #2: And who's that girl with the orangish ponytail?
Rosie: It's not orange, it's red. I'm his sister. I may look cute on the outside, but inside... I can be a grouch, and on top of that... I CAN BE PROUD OF IT!
*moles cover their ears*
Mole #1: Loud little tyke, isn't she?
Mole #2: Hiya, black boy. What's that pallette for?
Carter: Carter's the name, painting things is my game. Just look...
*Carter paints a hole in the ground*
Both moles: Wow!
Mole #1: And, uh, who's the young lady on that flying thingamajig?
Keiko: Ever heard of Keiko, the aerodynamic acrobat of the Dream Zone? *does about 4 loop-de-loops* That's me!
Mole #2: I've never seen anything like it.
Mole #1: Are you ready for tonight's tournament?
Potsworth: And what kind of tournament might that be?
Mole #1: Us, against two of you.
Carter: Rosie, what are they pointin' at us for?
*A seal pops out of the water and comes towards Carter and Rosie*
Seal: Congratulations, you two have been selected to participate in the Moonbeam Course against your opponents, the Mole Bros. Come this way.
*The seal takes Carter and Rosie to the shack*
Seal: Ok, challengers, put your golf clothes on.
Rosie: I thought we were in a golf course.
Seal: Oh, you are. You just need to be in the right outfit. Just look at yourself in the mirror.
*Rosie sees herself in the mirror, her outfit has changed from a pink dress to a golfer's suit*
Rosie: I'm wearing this outfit to the course?? You have to be kidding!
Seal: I assure you that I'm not. Hole #1 is just beyond those mountains.

*Carter and Rosie and the Mole Bros. are taken to the 1st hole*
Mole #1: Stand back kids, and watch us pros. er, I mean, bros.
*Mole takes a whack at the ball it lands in the fairway*
Announcer: 256 yards.
Carter: Alright, my turn.
*Carter whacks the ball and it hits deep rough*
Announcer: Not too good a shot, but enough to keep up with the opponent.
Rosie: I'm next.
*Rosie hits the ball with a whack, and it hits a tree*
*On the green*
Carter: Ok. Here goes nothing.
*Carter putts the ball into the hole*
Rosie: Me next!
*Rosie putts the ball into the hole*
Announcer: Aw, too bad, Carter and Rosie go up one over par.

*Time passes and they are at hole 8*
Carter: I can't believe we're losing to these two.
Rosie: You're telling me.
*Nick, Potsworth, and Keiko are watching from an observation tower*
Nick: Please win, Rosie. I'm counting on you.
Keiko: You know something, Nick? I feel that someone invited us to be pranked on while the two of them are golfing. We need to keep an extra eye on them as soon as we can.
Potsworth: Precisely, because who knows what could happen here.

*Hole 10*
Carter: I'm up! *hits the ball* Wow! Look at that!
*All of a sudden, the Nosey Bird appears near Rosie*
Rosie: Now what do you want, birdbrain?
Nosey Bird: Uh, I'm not one to gossip but uh, hit the ball over there... you'll score more points that way.
Rosie: I guess it's worth a shot.
*Rosie hits the ball and it falls into a sand trap*
Rosie: I better see where it went.
*Rosie approaches he sand and picks up the ball, unaware of what's behind her: loose sand*
Rosie: I've got it. Let's continue the...
*Rosie accidentally steps on loose sand, and falls through a hole*
Carter: Rosie? Rosie where are you? A crevice? Is Rosie around here? A lot of sand traps can be hazardous.
*Rosie climbs out of the crevice*
Rosie: I'm just a tad mad about the prank that bird played, Carter. Now let's go find that green!

*Hole 14*
Rosie: Okay, I'm sure I can get this on the green. FORE!
*Rosie hits the ball but it hits a bunch of trees*
Carter: Where did it go?
*Rosie rushes to the forest and gets the ball*
Rosie: It was right here, all the time.

*Up in the air*
Nick: What's the score now?
Keiko: It's hard to say, Nick. Carter and Rosie don't seem to be enjoying this game at all.

*On ground*
Potsworth: One would realize that something peculiar is about to happen with my pals. I've got to find Carter and Rosie as soon as I can!

*Hole 17*
Mole #1: Do you two surrender?
Rosie: If I were to surrender would I do THIS?
*Rosie attempts to attack the moles with her club but Carter immediately stops her*
Carter: Rosie, knock it off. We gotta play by the rules or else we'll be disqualified.
Mole #2: Look at the lake.
Rosie: This is going to put you rats in last place... for sure! FORE!
*Rosie hits the ball and it reaches the fairway, but it's a tad close too the lake*
Rosie: There. Now it's...
Mole #1: Uh, miss? The ground you're standing on... that's the water, far below you*
Rosie: You make me angry, moles. This is just a grassy--
*Edge crumbles, Rosie loses her balance and falls 30 feet into the lake*
Mole #2: 2-stroke penalty.
Carter: We're gonna lose. We shoulda told the seal about your looks, Rosie.
*Rosie climbs out of the lake hole*
Rosie: When I want your opinion, Carter... I'll ask for it! Look what those guys just did to my golf outfit... it's SOAKED!

*Hole 18*
Carter: This is the last hole. And the game is tied.
Rosie: You're telling me.
Carter: FORE!
*Carter whacks the ball onto the green*
Rosie: Now it's my turn... FORE!
*Rosie hits the ball onto the green*
Nick: Will they win?
Mole #2: Hee hee... you're losers now.
Keiko: Don't give up, guys. We're counting on you.
*Carter hits the ball into the hole and so does Rosie, all of a sudden loud applause and cheers erupt from all over the forest*
Carter: What happened?
Announcer: Carter and Rosie are the winners of the Moonbeam Open! Congratulations, Carter and Rosie!
Mole #1: Oh, earthworms! We were gonna celebrate.
Mole #2: I'm a bad loser myself.
Seal: Congratulations, my friends, you are the champions! Both of you win this Golden Trophy.
Carter: Thank you Ms. Seal. It's beautiful!
Rosie: And it's so beautiful.

*Back at the clubhouse*
Potsworth: Where have you all been? I've been searching all over for all of you.
Carter: We won this, Potsworth!
Potsworth: That is the most beautiful looking trophy I've ever seen.
Rosie: Well, we won it.
Nick: Well, as for you two losers... Super-Nick power kick!
*Nick kicks the moles into the clubhouse garbage chute at the same time*
Moles: Whooooa!
Mole #1: Hey, no fair!
Mole #2: We'll beat you kids next time.
Keiko: Those mischievous creatures got what they deserved.
Nick: Yup, they got a "Mole-In-One"!
Potsworth: Now that's what I call a perfect game. *chuckles*

Fan-fic by Rash Raccoon

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