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Hello everyone this is urgent: Please vote on for Potsworth & Co. to be put on dvd , first you have to register which is very quick and easy, then search on the site for Potsworth & Co. then vote for it under the three choices of getting the dvd : 1. Season set (which i recomment) 2. Best of. 3. Individual .
Please do this.
************20th HAPPY 15th ANIVERSARY POTSWORTH & CO. *****************

Every night Potsworth and his human friends go to sleep and meet each other in their dreams. They wind up in the Dream Zone, where anything can be done and their wildest wishes can come true. In the Dream Zone, they are the Midnight Patrol, a group of protectors who defend the zone from the evil Nightmare Prince, who just wishes to makes all good dreams into nightmares. Potsworth is the dog who likes to be sarcastic and winds up saving the day. Nick is the little boy who is a flying superhero in his dreams, assisted by his dinosaur stuffed-animal which also comes to life. Rosie is the snotty little brat redhead who gives them group a hard time, but usually helps anyway. Keiko is the oriental girl who rides the flying surfboard. She is very energetic and is always jumping head first into the situation. Carter is African-American who is athletic and quiet. Then there is the Grand Dozer, who is the king of Dream Zone. He is always sleeping. The Nightmare Prince is the bad guy who is always trying to take over Dream Zone, but is always foiled by the Midnight Patrol.

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