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Fan Fiction
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-The Gang are in the street playing-
Rosie: Remember the time we had to stop the Nightmare Prince from using the Nightmirror.
Carter: Yea, how can we forget. We had evil twins, but we taught them a lesson.
Nick: Remember the time we met the Wishing Whale and got our favorite wishes. They actualy came true!!
Keiko: Huh, I don't remember that!
Nick: Thats because you weren't there. I wish we could have our wishes come true again!
Carter: Yea But this time lets enjoy them.
Rosie: Yes.
--The Gang say good night and go to their rooms--
Nick: I am tired of School and Homework.
Rosie: Me too, Hopefully we can relax tonight.
Nick: That would be great.
Rosie: Night Night
Nick: See you in the Dream Zone.
Rosie: Ok
--The Gang all arrive in the Dream Zone--
Carter: Alright we made it into the Dream Zone.
Potsworth: Quick aren't you?
Sabastian: Hello Midnight Patrol
--The Gang say Hello--
Sabastian: Go to the beach, someone special is waiting for you!
Nick: I wander who it is?
Rosie: Yes me to!
--The gang arrive at the beach--
The wishing Whale: Hey kids, how are you?
Rosie: Wow! the Wishing Whale
Nick: How did you know that we wanted to see you?
The Wishing Whale: Well since you kids want to relax I thought that I should help you by giving you your favorite wishes.
Keiko: Cool, Lets go!
--The Gang folow the Wishing Whale--
Nick: Where do you are Wishes come true?
The Wishing Whale: Same place as last time, remember "The Island"
The Wishing Whale: Ok get on my back and i'll get you to the island.
--The Gang get on the Wishing Whales back--
Carter: This is gonna be so cool!!
The Wishing Whale: Alright just sit back and relax and think of your favorite wish that you want to come true and i'll do the rest.
--The Gang Wish--
The Wishing Whale: Here we are kids, to get there walk down that cave and you do the rest. BUT REMEMBER " BE BACK HERE BEFORE THE DREAM ZONE MOON SETS!!      Bye Kids
--The Wishing Whale goes of into the water--
Moon: Hey kids, I remember you guys except for the girl with black hair.
Rosie: Thats Keiko she wasn't here last time!
Potsworth: Umm Yes!
Moon: See you around
Carter: Ok!
--The Gang Walk down the cave--
Rosie: Here we are There are doors with are names on them.
--The gang run into the doors with their names on them!--

Carter's Wish

Carter: Cool, I have my own art Museum and all my painting are alive and help out!!

--Lots of people are admiring Carters Work--

Nick's Wish

--Nick is walking down the street and looks at the comic book store--

Nick: Cool, I am the best and biggest Super hero ever!!!!

--A man walks by--

The Man: Super Nick!! whats it like to be the best Super Hero in the World??

Nick: Well Uhh Great!

Keiko's Wish

Keiko: This is great I am the fastest boarder in the world I am faster than sound.

--This is great she thinks--

Rosie's Wish

Rosie: Well i might try the Rosie Centre again but Hopefully there is NO Pyscho Assistant!

--Rosie Enters the Rosie Centre--

Rosie: Seems great so far. I'll buy 10 pairs of shoes in all the deleux colours and the best thing is i can have everything for FREE!!

Potsworth's Wish

Potsworth: I am a King and now no one can tell me what to do! this looks great.

--Servent comes up to King Potsworth--

Servent: Here are some Bones for you King Potsworth

Potsworth: Well thank you.

--Carter Screams out--

Carter: Oh No the Dream Zone moon has nearly set.

--The Gang hear and run towards the Shore--

Rosie: Come on guys RUN!!!!

Keiko: We might Just make it!

Nick: Where is the  Wishing Whale?

--The Water is wavy and then the Wishing Whale comes above the water and swims towards the Gang--

The Wishing Whale: Quickly jump on my back!

Keiko: That was great

Nick: Yes it was!

Carter: For once nothing bad happend.

The Wishing Whale: That is good to here.

Rosie: Oh no we have got to get up we are late for school.

--The Gang say goodbye to the Wishing Whale. Then they wake up on Earth--

Rosie: Hurry up Nicolas we are late for school.

Nick: Ok Rosie. That was great last night.

Rosie: Yes it was.

--The gang go to school--


Made by Alex d H the Creator of this site




*The kids are in the Dream Zone doing their things*

Nick: This is the best dream ever. I can leap over this tree.

Carter: My artistic paintings will make this dream cool. What are you doing, Rosie?

Rosie: I shall have my fun here.

Potsworth: *sigh* Every night is different here.

Keiko: We're the Midnight Patrol, and nothing can ever stop us. Just as long as we work togethe-- [CRASH]

Other members: KEIKO!

Carter: Keiko! Wake up! Wake up, please!

Keiko: Who am I? I swore someone was waking me up. Is the dream over?

Carter: No, Keiko, you're still here.

Potsworth: I think it would be wise if we see what her problem is.

*At Dream Central*

Chief: *sighs* Kids, your leader has a bad case of what's called amnesia.


Chief: I don't know when it will wear off... prbably in a few more nights.

*In the fields*

Carter: I can't understand it. First Keiko was flying free, now she's not riding her board anymore.

Potsworth: I guess this it be very difficult to get her to remember who she is.

Keiko, groggily: You're about to run into something.

Potsworth/Carter/Rosie/Nick: Oof!

*The other members see taxi driver on a highway*

Rosie: Watch where you're going you, numbskull!

Driver: Sorry, I'm a bit in a hurry.

*At a picnic*

Nick: Maybe Keiko needs water or juice.

Keiko: Please feel free to stir in your own juice.

*spoons appear in their cups, and automatically the juices are stirred*

Carter: You can predict the future?

Keiko: What else do I have than to say that Nick is as high as a kite.

Nick: WHOOOOOA! Hey, I'm 100 feet in the air!

Rosie: Nicholas! Come down here this instant!

Carter: We gotta cure Keiko fast.

*At Lake Sleepy*

Potsworth: I believe we should give up, our fearless leader is not the same anymore...

Carter: Potsworth, Keiko's been acting very weird lately.

Rosie: It's not like her at all to be that powerless.

Keiko: I'm afraid you're all wet, Rosie.

*Dock board breaks*



Rosie, underwater: Glub, glub, glub...

*Rosie emerges from water*

Rosie: Eeeeew!! My dress! It's ruined!

Nick: Don't worry, Rosie, we'll dry it, and find a cure for our leader.

*At doctor's office*

Doctor: Your leader is suffering from psychic proportions.

Carter: Do you know of anything that can cure her?

Doctor: You must get her to bang her head on something real hard.

Nick: That's it?

Doctor: There's no other way.

*In field*

Carter: Ok, Keiko, when I say three, run towards that rock. And bang your head on it a couple of times.

Potsworth: I can't watch this!

Keiko: I'm moving.

Carter: No, don't walk, run!

Keiko: I'm running, but it is no use. I am a psychic person and--

*Keiko trips and hits her head on rock*

Nick: Keiko!

Carter: Keiko! You ok?

Keiko: Ok? Ok? I'm as energetic as ever! Where's my surfboard?

Rosie: I found this, Keiko, Is this your surfboard?

Keiko: Yeah! That's it! Let's have fun here again.

*Kids play dream-ball*

Potsworth: There's nothing more exciting than a game of dream-ball in the field.

Keiko, to viewer: You know, it's not always easy being a psychic person, 'cause I know what's happening... I'm having fun, and I always will.


Fan-fic written by Rash Raccoon



20,000 STARS

*The gang is outside their houses on a warm night, having a pool party.*
Carter: Watch this move, everyone. I'm gonna make a splash like you've never seen. Cannonball!
Keiko: *giggles* That was a good move, but wait until you see this.
*Keiko does a handstand, and let's go of the diving board, Splash*
Keiko: Here's something else I can do.
*Keiko holds her breath and submerges herself, does a water ballet move, emerges and gasps for air*
Keiko: Wasn't that a neat trick?
Nick: Rosie, aren't you going to join us?
Rosie: I don't like getting wet. I like to catch tan.
Nick: But it's not daytime anymore.

*In Nick's and Rosie's house, getting ready for bed*
Nick: That was a good dip.
Rosie: I don't like to get wet often.
Nick: You should have joined us.
Rosie: I prefer getting rays. *yawns* See you in the Dream Zone.
Nick: Good night, Rosie.

*The Gang appear at Dream Central, alarm blares*
Potsworth: *sighs* That thing is loud and noisy. Am I always the first to hear this?
Keiko: Looks like trouble.
Chief: Kids, look at this television. Something terrible just happened at the Sleepy Sea!
*On television*
Henchman #1: Boss, are you sure this starfish monster is going to succeed in getting rid of those kids?
Nightmare Prince: Men, this creation is perfect! Once I get it into the sea, and use it to the sea, the Midnight Patrol will be vanquished!
Henchman #2: Yeah. I can see it happening right now.
Chief: You must go to the Sleepy Sea and stop this monstrosity, otherwise all the water will be contaminated.
Patrol: Yes, mam!

*Over the sleepy sea*
Keiko: This is it, guys.
Potsworth: Um, will we be ok? We can't survive underwater that long.
Keiko: Potsworth, this is the Dream Zone. We can do anything here. We don't need scuba gear, we can breathe underwater.
*Patrol jumps into Sleepy Sea, and float down 200 feet below the sea, and land on the ocean floor*
Carter: Man, is this the bottom of the Sleepy Sea?
Rosie: Wow! Live coral!
Keiko: Guys, we must find the starfish monster now.

*3 sea creatures welcome the Patrol to the ocean floor*
Shark: It's them!
Sea horse: Our ocean is in terrible trouble!
Pickerel: We need your help!
Keiko: Help has just come. we're going to find that starfish monster and put it out of operation.
*Shark, sea horse, and pickerel lead the way to underwater cave*
Nick: I hear a noise...
Potsworth: I suppose that could only mean...
Starfish monster: Grrrrrrrrrr...
All 8 characters: The starfish monster!
Starfish monster: Grrrroooarrrrr.
Rosie: We could use a weapon to get rid of it.
*Carter paints a red cape and waves it*
Carter: Hey, five-arms, over here!
Starfish: *snarl*
Carter: Ole'!
*Starfish charges into mountain of coral, and gets two arms stuck in the holes*
Carter: Do your super pounce, Super Nick!
Nick: Here I go!
*Nick pounces hard on the starfish monster's back, crushing it so hard it cannot move any longer, becomes unconsious*
All 3 sea creatures: Yay! The Midnight Patrol saved our ocean!

*Meanwhile, in his castle, the Nightmare Prince sees what happened*
Nightmare Prince: No! Not again! Midnihght Patrol, you're too strong!
*telephone rings*
Nightmare Prince: Yes, mother?
*Prince's mother yells at him*
Nightmare Prince: But I...

*Back at the bottom of the ocean*
Shark: You saved us!
Sea horse: You rid our sea of that five-armed creature!
Pickerel: We must congratulate you.
Keiko: If there's anything we can do for you, just let us know.
Rosie: You bet.
Keiko: It's time for us to head for the rowboat and wake up!
Nick: Let's go!
*Midnight Patrol swims up to the surface and climb back onto the rowboat*
Nick: Wasn't that battle fun, Murphy?
*Murphy squeals*

*Dream Central*
Chief: You've done a good job, Midnight Patrol. Now the ocean and its creatures can relax.
Keiko: We must wake up now.
Midnight Patrol: Good-bye!

*Kids wake up*
Nick and Rosie's father: Nick, Rosie, We're going to the beach. Wanna bring your sand toys?

*At the beach*
Carter: That was a fun dream, guys, and we taught that monster a lesson.
*Potsworth barks and swims*
Nick: I guess Potsworth learned a new kind of swimming move... the dog paddle.


Fan fic by Rash Raccoon


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