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Fan Fiction PAGE 2
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Even More Fan Fiction!!!!!

                                    *In Carter's house, the gang are watching the Olympic Games on television*
                                    Nick: This is boring. All I see are these people competing like 
                                    professionals. I want some action.
                                    Carter: This is action Nick. That's what the olympics is about. Competition.
                                    Nick: I wish I was that strong to be in the games.
                                    *In Nick and Rosie's bed*
                                    Nick: Rosie, I want to know what the Olympics is like.
                                    Rosie: It's like games, Nicholas... only they're professional games, and you 
                                    must be perfect to win the gold medal. *yawns* See you in the Dream Zone.
                                    Nick: Good night, Rosie.
                                    *The Gang arrive at the Dream Zone*
                                    Carter: Yes! We're at the Dream Zone!
                                    Potsworth: Who knew? I think that alarm is going to sound any minute--
                                    *alarm blares*
                                    Potsworth: Now.
                                    Rosie: Possibly another emergency.
                                    Keiko: We must see what the trouble is now.
                                    *At Dream Central*
                                    Chief: I'm glad you kids arrived in time. The Dream Zone Olympics is about to 
                                    take place at the Night Colosseum. You are all good athletes, aren't you?
                                    Keiko: Athletes? Oh yeah. We are.
                                    Chief: It seems the Nightmare Prince has challenged you all to 5 events. Each 
                                    of you will compete in certain events. If you win, you'll automatically get 
                                    the gold medal in honor of the Dream Zone. If you lose... well, I don't even 
                                    want to mention what will happen if you lose. You need to win 3 out of 5 events 
                                    to win the Olympics.
                                    *At Nightmare Prince's Castle*
                                    Nightmare Prince: These 5 creatures will make short work of those childhood 
                                    heroes. I'm gonna make sure these monsters win the Olympics.
                                    Henchman: Are you sure they stand a chance? The Midnight Patrolers are kinda 
                                    strong, you know.
                                    Nightmare Prince: Men, with these monsters organized as athletes, they'll 
                                    win, and then, I can ruin any dream I wish!
                                    *At Night Colosseum*
                                    Keiko: Hurry up, guys. The games are about to start!
                                    Nick: We're ready to take the monsters down.
                                    Rosie: One second... *admires herself in mirror* I want to look perfect for 
                                    *In colosseum, crowd murmurs*
                                    Announcer: Welcome one and all, to the 2,419th Annual Dream Zone Olympics, 
                                    where the best team gets the ultimate prize which is the Gold Medal!
                                    Announcer: And now here come the players onto the field! First, let me 
                                    introduce, from planet Earth, the 5 defenders of the Dream Zone... the
                                    heroic, Midnight Patrol!
                                    Announcer: And the opponents... the creepy quintet of creeps... the Nightmare 
                                    Let the games begin!!
                                    The first event is gymnastics. Featuring... Rosie... and the Lunatic Lemur!
                                    *Nightmare Prince and henchmen are watching*
                                    Henchman #1: Don't worry, I sawed off one of the edged of the parellel bars.
                                    *Event 1 begins*
                                    Rosie: This will be easy.
                                    *Rosie balances herself on gym bar, audience oohs*
                                    *Lemur balances himself on gym bar, audience aahs*
                                    *Rosie balences herself on parellel bars, but one edge of bar breaks*
                                    Rosie: Whoooa!
                                    *audience boos*
                                    Announcer: The 1st event goes to the Nightmare Nasties. The scores 1 to 
                                    nothing in favor of the Nasties.
                                    Nick: Are you ok, Rosie?
                                    Rosie: Does THIS look like I'm ok, Nicholas?! My hairbow fell off.
                                    Announcer: The 2nd event is the Triple Jump! Featuring Super Nick... and the 
                                    Kooky Kangaroo!
                                    Carter: You can do it, Super Nick!
                                    *Nick runs, hops, skips, and jumps into dust*
                                    Announcer: Nick's distance was 15.32 meters!
                                    Kangaroo: This is will be a leap to the stars, mate.
                                    *Kangaroo hops, skips, and leaps, but crashes into archery target board*
                                    Nightmare Prince: Kooky! How could you?! You had that boy's record beat!
                                    Kangaroo: Sorry, your wickedness...
                                    Announcer: Super Nick wins event 2! The Olympics is tied at 1!
                                    Carter: Great job, Super Nick, you showed that marsupial who's boss.
                                    Announcer: The third event is weightlifting... Featuring Potsworth and the 
                                    Diabolical Doberman!
                                    Potsworth: I must be strong. I'm going to please my master, Carter.
                                    *Potsworth lifts barbells, and reaches them above his head, Doberman raises 
                                    barbells, and reaches them above his head*
                                    Doberman: Hey, doggie, your shoelace is untied.
                                    Potsworth: What? You know I don't wear any--
                                    *Potsworth accidentally drops barbells on right food*
                                    Potsworth: OUCH! That smarts!
                                    *Audience boos*
                                    Announcer: Diabolical Doberman wins event 3! The score is 2 to 1, with the 
                                    Nasties in the lead. The pressure is rising.
                                    Potsworth: I'm sorry, Carter, I let you down.
                                    Carter: Don't worry, Potsworth, I'm in the next event.
                                    Announcer: The fourth event is the Archery event! Featuring Carter and the 
                                    Target Toucan!
                                    Toucan: You won't win this one. You don't have any arrows!
                                    Carter: Try me.
                                    *Carter paints three arrows, and puts them in his hand. Carter and Toucan 
                                    take turns throwing arrows*
                                    Toucan: You have 230 points. I've got 220. 10 more and the Nasties win!
                                    *Toucan aims for archery board, but accidentally releases himself in the 
                                    opposite direction, hitting a locker*
                                    Toucan: Oh no... I blew it.
                                    Nightmare Prince: I'm so close to winning. Only one more event to go. I've 
                                    got to have my strongest monster win this one.
                                    Announcer: The final event is the High Dive, featuring Keiko and the Diving 
                                    Dolphin! Whoever wins this event wins the Olympics!
                                    Nick: Don't let the dolphin beat you, Keiko. We're depending on you!
                                    *Dolphin goes first, jumps 3 times, then plunges headfirst into water. Judges 
                                    hold four "9.3"s*
                                    Keiko: The dolphin got that score? If I don't do better, the Dream Zone will 
                                    be shattered! Well, here goes nothing...
                                    *Keiko approaches diving board, jumps 3 times, and leaps off the board, 
                                    attempting 3 backflips and hitting the water with a mighty splash*
                                    Carter: What a dive! She actually dove like a champion into the pool. Did we 
                                    *Keiko's bubbles travel to the edge of the pool, she emerges from the water 
                                    and climbs out of the pool*
                                    Keiko: That was a super dive I did. Now we must see what the judges say.
                                    *crowd falls silent, and eventually all 4 judges raise 4 "10"s*
                                    *crowd cheers frantically*
                                    Announcer: Ladies and getlemen, Keiko wins the diving event and now the final 
                                    score is... the Midnight Patrol 3, the Nightmare Nasties 2! The Midnight 
                                    Patrol WINS!!!
                                    *cheering continues*
                                    *Nightmare Prince throws himself to the floor*
                                    Nightmare Prince: No! There was a mistake! There was no way that dolphin 
                                    could've lost!
                                    Henchman: Looks like your dolphin monster needs a little more practice, your 
                                    Nightmare Prince: Silence! I'm so aggrovated! *bawls*
                                    Judge: The gold medal goes to the Midnight Patrol for win the last event at 
                                    the very last second.
                                    Potsworth: *sighs* I guess it was worth playing after all.
                                    *Back at Dream Central*
                                    Chief: Midnight Patrol, you did an excellent job winning the gold medal. I 
                                    can't tell you how much these olympics meant to us.
                                    Nick: We won it! We're the champions of the Dream Zone.
                                    Keiko: We really got to wake up now. Those games were tough, but as a team we 
                                    managed to win. See you next time.
                                    *Kids wake up*
                                    Rosie: Nicholas, come on. We're going on a field trip to the city colosseum 
                                    to see a baseball game.
                                    Nick: Gosh, Rosie, the olympics were more than exciting for me.
                                    Rosie: I bet you can hope the home team wins.
                                    Nick: Gosh, Rosie, that's so "athletic of you.
                                    THE END
                                    Fan fic by Rash Raccoon

*In a National Park where the Gang is on vacation, coyote howls*
*Gang is at a campfire on a mountaintop*
Nick: Then the archeologists wandered into the mysteries temple, and they were expecting danger in every corner. Then, without warning, a herd of ghosts had appeared! The archeologists had turned and said--
Rosie: Nicholas! Stop it! When will you grow up? There's no such things as ghosts.
Nick: But I wasn't finished yet.
Carter: Come on, Nick. You've told about 10 stories already. We're not too happy about your stories with things that don't exist.
Nick: *sighs* Why do I always get interrupted?

*In the tent*
Rosie: Nicholas, I don't know about you, but your stories make no sense at all.
Nick: But I was getting to the big part.
Carter: Nick, you need to concentrate on other things besides ghosts.
Keiko: Carter's right. Now we must get some sleep. We need all the energy we need for our next hiking trip.
Rosie: *yawns* Alright. See you in the dream zone.
Nick: Good night.

*The gang arrive at the Dream Zone, in an open blue desert*
Carter: Wow! There's sand. Miles and miles of it!
Potsworth: Ahem, may I remind you that we are in a desert? There's no water anywhere.
Rosie: I'm already dying of thirst. *leans on cactus* If we find water we can simply-- OOOUCH!!! Ow! I got needles on my skirt!
Keiko: That's a cactus. Be more careful next time.

*The Gang trudge through the sand for a few minutes*
Nick: I spotted something!
Rosie: What?
Nick: It's a building made of rocks! And it's shaped like a weird-looking dog.
Carter: That's a coyote, Super Nick. Everyone knows they come out at night and howl.
Potsworth: *sighs* I can't walk anymore. We should probably just sit and relax.
Keiko: You'll manage, Potsworth. Let's see what's inside this building.

*Gang approaches temple, doors open automatically*
Booming voice: This is the ancient coyote temple, the only structure in this land. Enter and explore... if you dare.

*Gang wanders down a hallway*
Potsworth: I don't like the looks of this place. I believe it gives me the creeps.
Carter: You're safe with us, Potsworth.

*The Gang stop at the end of the hallway and look at the walls*
Keiko: Wow! Look! Hieroglyphics.
Rosie: I know everything about him. Hydro Glippis was a water bearer who traveled everywhere. If he was here, he'd give us water, and lots of lemonade, and--
Keiko: No, Rosie, hieroglyphics. Words written in an ancient Egyptian kind of way.
Nick: Where do we go from here?
Rosie: This is the end of the hallway, guys. *Rosie leans on button* There's nowhere
to continue and we--
*A huge trapdoor opens under the Midnight Patrol*
All 5 members: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh...

*Two minutes later*
All 5 members: ...wwwhhhhooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaa!!!
*Gang lands on mattress, which catapults them to the floor.*
Nick: What's this place?
Potsworth: Whatever this place is, I don't I like the looks of it.
Keiko: We're lucky the mattress broke our fall.
*eerie howling*
Rosie: What's that sound?
Carter: Let's go find out what it is.

*Gang arrives at a cell, where 4 coyotes are imprisoned*
Coyote #1: Please let us out.
Coyote #2: We've been here for a week.
Carter: I handle this.
*Carter paints a key, and uses it to unlock the door*
Coyotes: Awooo! You saved us all!
Coyote #1: You saved us from the imprisonment of the evil Sphinx!
Potsworth/Kids: A Sphinx?!
Coyote #2: That horrible Sphinx locked us in this cell, because we could not work anymore as his slaves. We want our freedom.
Coyote #3: Thanks for rescuing us.
Keiko: We're here to take you out of this temple so you can roam free.
Coyote #1: But we're about 700 feet below the ground.
Keiko: There's a ladder nearby. We can take you out that way.

*20 minutes later, the Midnight Patrol and the coyotes out of the hole in the ground in the center of the hallway*
Keiko: Ok, coyotes, now we need to look for a way out so you can get out of here.
*footsteps approach*
Nick: K-K-Keiko? We have company.
*Sphinx appears*
Sphinx: *laughs maniacally* So, you've freed my prisoners! Now give them back to me, or you'll be sorry you've ever seen the Blue Desert Temple!
Midnight Patrol: Never!
Sphinx: Ooh! You'll regret this!
*Sphinx chases the Patrol to the exit doors, Midnight Patrol makes it out*
Keiko: I have a plan.
Potsworth: I suggest it should be a quick one.
Keiko: Carter I'm going to need your help.
*Back inside temple*
Sphinx: You little pipsqueaks will pay for this!
*Sphinx runs towards what looks like exit doors, which are actually walls*
Sphinx: Now you'll be my next slaves!
*Sphinx crashes into wall, he falls to floor, knocks himself unconsious*

*In the Blue Desert*
Nick: You're all safe, guys.
Coyote #1: You are true heroes in this zone.
Coyote #2: How can we ever repay you?
Keiko: Simple. We can always visit you to hear your songs.
Coyote #1: That would be wonderful.
Potsworth: Maybe one day, I could join your chorus.
*Keiko looks at her watch*
Keiko: Is that the time? We have to wake up now.
Coyotes: Thank you, Midnight Patrol. Good-bye.
Midnight Patrol: Good-bye!

*In the tents*
Nick: *yawns*
Rosie: Nicholas, come on. It's time to go hiking through the mountains.
*Outside the tents*
Carter: We're ready for our hike.
Keiko: Let's hope we don't run into any wild bears this time.
Nick: Yeah. That would be absolutely "unbearable".


Fan-Fic written by Rash Raccoon




*In Nick and Rosie's house, Nick is playing Super Heroes, Rosie is admiring
herself in mirror, trying to look good for the next day's school day*
Nick: First he delivers a mega punch, then he mutalizes the Evil Quicksandro
with his mega water blast! Then Quicksandro melts into nithingness... *Nick
isn't watching where he is going, and bumps into Rosie, knocking her face into
the nail polish kit*
Rosie: *shrugs* NICHOLAS! I've had enough of your foolish games! If our
father sees me with this look he'll punish me.
Nick: Sorry, Rosie.
Rosie: Sorry?! Nicholas, I'm furious!
*Nick and Rosie argue, their father yells through the door*
Nick and Rosie's father: Ok, kids, settle down and get ready for bed.
Rosie: Now I hope you're satisfied. Let's go to bed now.
Nick: Rosie, I was just having fun.
Rosie: Come on, Nicholas. And not another word.
Nick: Ok.

*Keiko's house, she is seeing a skateboard championship on TV*
Keiko: Oh no! My favorite champion placed 2nd?! That I can't accept!
*Turns off TV*
Keiko: That's the worst nightmare I could ever have. Wait until my mother
hears about this!

*Carter's house, he and Potsworth are watching a football game*
Carter: What?! That play was bad and they made a 1st down?! Why?!
*Potsworth wimpers*
Carter: I'm telling my dad about this!

*In Nick and Rosie's bed*
Rosie: You would have been the worst nightmare I've had if it weren't for
you're oversized chameleon.
Nick: But Rosie, I didn't have any nightmares.
Rosie: I'll see you in the Dream Zone.
Nick: Good night.

*The Gang arrive at the Dream Zone castle, but outside the sky is dark red
with clouds instead of blue with stars*
Carter: Is this the Dream Zone?
Potsworth: Need I remind you that we're having stormy weather?
Sebastian: Kids, it's a disaster. The Grand Dozer is having nightmares in his
sleep! I can't figure out why!

*At Dream Central*
Chief: The Grand Dozer is sleeping very weirdly. He's not having good dreams!
Something has to give with that sky. I want you to see why the sky is dull.
*Midnight Patrol wanders into field, Nick looks and sees a sign saying
"Welcome to the Nightmare Zone*
Nick: Oh no! I think The Nightmare Prince changed the sign and made it the
Nightmare Zone!
Rosie: That explains why the sky is tacky.
Keiko: I also found this!
*Keiko examines a red pill that has tiny letters*
Keiko: Pill of... what?
*takes magnifying glass*
All 5 members: NIGHTMARES?!
Keiko: That explains it! The Nightmare Prince must have given the Dozer a
pill that would make him have nightmares. It's also affecting everything else in
the Dream Zone! We must find a cure for him... fast.
*Gang approaches a cave*
Nick: What's inside?
Carter: We should investigate.
Potsworth: It's rather dark in there. I suggest we may need a flashlight?
Keiko: Don't worry, Potsworth. The chief enhanced my skateboard with super

*The Gang enters cave, eventually seeing 5 doors*
Voice: If you dare to explore this cave, you should explore whatever is
behind these doors individually. Think you can get through every single obstacle
that awaits you? If so, you'll win this: A blue dream pill.
Nick: Do you think he's right?
Potsworth: I think it's worth it.

*Gang splits up, Potsworth enters door 1*
Potsworth: Hello?
*A three-headed wolf appears*
Wolf: Grrrr.....
Potsworth: Um, you don't mind if I pass through your domain?
Wolf: Grrrrr......
*Wolf chases Potsworth*
Potsworth: I must get through this world, but how can I get through this
door? Ah, a doggie door! Now I can get out of here.

*Nick enters door 2*
Nick: I'm in a city? What's a city doing in a cave?
*Nick's dinosaur, Murphy, grows changes into a giant T-Rex*
Nick: Murphy! You've grown... and changed!
*Nick runs for his life through the city*
Man: Hey! Watch it!
Woman: Don't across the street, you'll get hurt!
*Nick sees a door on the 2nd story building*
Nick: The exit is up there!
*Nick flies towards the exit door*

*Rosie enters door 3*
Rosie: Ah... a shopping mall. And it's all colored pink! It goes with my
*Rosie hears roar, turns to see a lady with a skull for a head*
Rosie: Sorry, miss, I-- uh oh.
*Rosie is chased by the lady, and takes an elevator to the 3rd floor, only to
be greeted by more monster shoppers*
Rosie: The door is up right there between those two stores!
*Rosie jumps and avoids the shoppers*

*Carter enters door 4, and is in a white world with nothing*
Carter: Wow! What's this? I'm nowhere? Looks like I gotta paint something so
I can get out.
*Carter begins painting a scene with a field. From the cave emerges a painter
with paintbrushes for fingers, and a football player with razor-sharp spikes
on shoulders follows*
Carter: Oh no! I gotta finish this painting quick.
*Carter finishes the picture and a door appears on top of the stairs*
Carter: Now I can get out of here!

*Keiko opens door 5*
Keiko: A bridge over a toxic lake? Piece of cake.
*She rides on her surfboard on the bridge, but bridge begins to collapse, a
roar is heard from the lake*
Keiko: Oh no!
*Keiko is almost to the end when bridge finally collapses, Keiko is too late
but manages to hang on to the rocky crevise, holding her skateboard by her
feet. A giant octopus emerges from the toxic lake*
Keiko: Go away, you big mollusk!
*The octopus inches up the side of the rocky cliff*
Keiko: I got to get up or else I'm fish food.
*Keiko climbs up crevise attempting a somersault to the top, she hits the
octopus over the head with her skateboard*
Keiko: That oughta teach you something. *gasp* it's the door. Now I can

*The 5 of them reunite at another room*
Nightmare Prince: Welcome little ones. I see that you managed to get past all
the traps i set for each of you.
Carter: We know what you did to the Dozer!
Keiko: We know the truth about the pill. The red pill you gave the Dozer gave
him nightmares, and now we want that blue dream pill back.
Nightmare Prince: You want it? Go get it!
*Prince throws pill near a purple waterfall*
Nick: Oh no! It's too close to that water. We gotta get that thing before it
falls in!
Keiko: Everyone, we gotta form a human chain! Nick you're the youngest so
we'll let you try to reach it.
*Gang forms human chain, Potsworth hanging onto Carter, Carter to Keiko,
Keiko to Rosie, and Rosie to Nick*
Nick: I think I almost got it.
*Nick reaches the blue pill*
Carter: Good going, Super Nick!
*Potsworth, with all his strength, pulls his teammates back up to the top*
Nick: Now I remember! those things we saw last night... we were being chased
by the things we were angry at!
Keiko: Now we gotta get this pill back to the Grand Dozer!

*Back at Dream Zone Castle*
Keiko: I hope this works.
Potsworth: It has to work somehow.
*Sebastian carefully drops blue pill into Dozer's mouth, a few moments later,
he wakes up*
Grand Dozer: Aah... Good job, Midnight Patrol, you seved me from having
nightmares. Now I can relax in peace... *dozes off*

*Outside, the red cloudy sky, disappears, and is replaced be a blue sky with
Sebastian: I don't believe it! The Dream Zone is restored to its natural
Nick: We did it!
Carter: We saved the Dream Zone!
*Keiko looks at her watch*
Keiko: We gotta wake up now. See you next time, Sebastian.

*Kids wake up*
Nick: That was some adventure.
Rosie: Nicholas, come on. We're going to discuss all our fights we had last
Nick: That's a good idea, Rosie. I'm sorry I bumped into you.
Rosie: Be more careful next time.
Nick: Maybe we won't have more nightmares tonight.

Fan fic by Rash Raccoon

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