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Fan Fiction Page 4
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*In the Dream Zone, the Gang are doing their usual stuff*
Potsworth: *pants* I've fetched so many bones that you've painted, Carter, that I'm starting to feel out of breath.
Carter: Wanna do something else, Potsworth?
Potsworth: Maybe a walk around the fields wouldn't be too much.
Nick: Potsworth, look! We got a letter from someone.
Potsworth: A letter?
Keiko: It reads "Dear Midnight Patrol, you're invited to a 2-night stay in the Moonlight Hotel in Snooze Vegas. Bring your favorite friends for your entertainment, and win big. Signed, Evening Ron."
Carter: Um, aren't we a little too young to be gambling?
Nick: I could be kidnapped.
Rosie: There is no way you'll be kidnapped Nicholas.
Potsworth: *sighs* Why not? Maybe we could win a few million dollars.

*Gang are now on a luxury cruise ship headed for Snooze Vegas, they eventually reach the city*
Keiko: Hey! Look! The Moonlight Casino/Resort!
Rosie: Aah... the dazzling lights, the lovely music... Just think! All the money will be in MY possession.
Cruise ship announcer: We are about to port into the dock of the city of Snooze Vegas. Please watch your step as you exit.

*Gang enters the casino*
Nick: Wow! This place is enormous!
*Murphy squeals*
Rosie: I can see myself winning BIG!
Keiko: I'm going to the clerk to make our reservation.
*Keiko makes the reservation at the desk, but the clerk looks a little odd*

*Gang is escorted by 2 bellhops to the elevator, it arrives at the Gang's floor: #15*
Keiko: Thank you, bellhops. We'll be sure to be gambling as soon as we can.
Bellhop: Thank you.
*As soon as doors close, bellhops turn out to be Igor and Irving*
Igor, on communicator: Our plan's working, boss. The Midnight Patrollers will be down any time.
*Atop the Gold Statue, the Nightmare Prince responds*
Nightmare Prince: Good. Those Midnight Patrollers will have the time of their lives. You and Irving set up the machines we built. *goes to 2nd communicator* Shorty, prepare our latest creation in the kids' room.
Shorty: I did your wickedness. I loosened a part of the balcony and unscrewed the edges..."

*Gang arrives at room 1538*
Keiko: Here we are.
Nick: I wonder what it will be like.
Carter: Wow. An easel.
Keiko: A toy roller coaster!
Nick: A TV with over 100,000,000 million channels!
Potsworth: *sighs* I think I can smell something fishy.
Rosie: Wow! *steps ouside the room and gazes out into the night sky and the moonlit sea*
Rosie: What a dream! You can actually see everything. I see a pizza store, and a wonderful shopping mall..."
Carter: Wow, what should I paint?
*Easel comes to life*
Easel: Should I make your room more colorful?
*Easel shoots a ray of color in a blast of energy at the mirror, shattering it to pieces*
Carter: Huh? What's going on?
Keiko: Oh no! The room's boody-trapped! Even my toy roller coaster is acting wierd.
Nick: The TV is going crazy! What gives?
Potsworth: This situation looks bad!

*Rosie is still gazing out, unaware of what's happening under her feet*
Rosie: ...and I shall go on-stage and perform with the Stardust... AAAAAH!
*screws come loose on the banister and Rosie falls over, and hangs on to the banister rail*

*Back inside room*
Carter: There! I smashed the easel!
Keiko: I think I got the roller coaster toy under control.
Nick: I think the TV's ok.
Rosie, outside: Nicholas! HEEEELLLLLLPP!!
Nick: Rosie!
*The others turn and see Rosie hanging onto the crumbling balcony*
Rosie: Don't just stand there, guys, help me!
Carter: An piece of art will do the trick.
*Carter paints a rope and uses it to hurl it down to Rosie*
Nick: Hang on tight.
Potsworth: We'll pull you up!
*Rosie is pulled back up to the room*
Carter: You ok, Rosie?
Rosie: Yes, but my ponytail was kinda messed up.
Keiko: Something is wrong in this place and we're going to get to the bottom of it.
Nick: You said it!

*In gambling rooms, the gang arrive at the center*
Nick: It's "Super Guy" slots!
Rosie: "Fashion Queen Frenzy"! Let me at it!
Keiko: "Light-speed Larry"'s for me!
Carter: Wow! Rainbow Land!"
Potsworth: Is there nothing a dog can play? *looks at a nerby slot machine* Hmmm. Doggie's Day Out". That shouldn't be too hard.

*Back in the security room, Nightmare Prince, Igor, Irving, and Shorty watch*
Nightmare Prince: Ok, it's time to unleash my creation on those kids.
Igor: I hope it wins us big bucks!

*In gambling area*
Nick: I'm out of quarters.
Keiko: Me too.
Carter: Me three.
Rosie: I'm winning a few bucks. With it we will--
Carter: Rosie, uh, I think we're being attacked.
*Patrol turns and kinds a huge robot with a slot machine for a stomach*
Nick: Aah!
Rosie: Gangway!
Potsworth: What's all the yelling about?!
Carter: Potsworth! Run!
Keiko: It's a slot machine monster!
Nightmare Prince, on loudspeaker: I'm holding Evening Ron hostage. If you want to rescue him, take on this monster and win big, if you can.
Keiko: I knew it! The Nightmare Prince invited us to this casino, and kidnapped the owner so it would be a trap.
Potsworth: It's time to fight this big creation.
Nick: Super Punch! *punches robot in the nose*
Rosie: If you mess up my clothes, I'm gonna be VERY angry!
Carter: He took my paintbrush!
Keiko: He seems to know my every move!
Potsworth: Kids, we must lure it into that fountain!
*Slot machine robot chases Patrol to the fountain in the center of the hallway*
Keiko: Here I am!
Slot machine: Target about to be eliminated!
*Machine laucnhes a missile out, misses Keiko, but hits the fountain and water gets all over robot*
Machine: Warning! About to self-destruct!
Nick: It's going to blow!
Machine: Self-destruct! Self-destruct!
*KA-BOOOOOOOOOOOOM, where it once stood was 10,000 pieces of metal*
People in casino: Yay! The Midnight Patrol defeated the machine!
Nightmare Prince: Oh no! Now we're gonna go back to my castle broke! I can't stand losing!
*telephone rings*
Nightmare Prince: I don't want to talk, now, mother. I'm too embarrassed.

*In the center of hallway*
Reporter #1: How does it feel to be the five people who saved this casino, as well as the city of Snooze Vegas?
Nick: It feels great! It's wonderful!
Reporter #2: Are you happy you got your invitation from Evening Ron? And isn't that him over there?
Midnight Patrol: Evening Ron!
Keiko: We rescued you, Ron, from the Nightmare Prince's clucthes.
Ron: Thanks, you were great, Midnight Patrol.
Rosie: Whaddaya say we gamble at another casino?
Nick: What about our room?
Carter: I'll simply paint it when we get back.
Potsworth: We'll celebrate victory over the robot with a special treat. *turns to viewer* You know, we just had a big adventure here, but the important thing is, it's not whether you win or lose... what counts the most is you shouldn't always press your luck. *chuckles*

Written by Rash Raccoon

*The Midnight Patrol is in the Dream Zone, in a forest*
Nick: Super-power punch!
Carter: Keep working on it, Super Nick. You'll one day be the best hero in the entire Dream Zone.
Potsworth: *sighs* Nick, I wish I had your energy.
Keiko: Gang, we have a very important call from the chief of the Snooze Patrol.
Rosie: Wait, I want to look my prettiest for the announcement.
Potsworth: *sighs* Call me sarcastic, but I'd rather wait here and see what the news is.
Keiko: Potsworth, you're part of the team. Let's get to the chief now.

*At Dream Central, the gang is being spoken to by the chief*
Chief: I have another assignment for the 5 of you. Look at this screen.
*TV monitor switches to a cloud with a castle on top.
Chief: This is the Castle of Starry Skies. See that giant raincloud? It's been there for 4 nights now. We're very concerned why it's still there. Perhaps you should go up there and investigate.
Patrol: Aye aye, mam!

*Patrol is standing near the Graystone Giant's entrance*
Keiko: The giant keeps his supplies here. Maybe we can ask him if we can borrow one of his vehicles.
*Inside cave* Graystone Giant: You say you need something to get to the Castle of Starry Skies? Well, I'll tell you kids, all I got is this biplane I never used in a very long time.
Nick: Looks kind of old.
Rosie: Not to mention, not my favorite color.
Graystone Giant: That's all I got.
Keiko: I guess it will have to do.
Carter: Thanks Mr. Giant. We'll take good care of it.
*near a cliff*
Potsworth: Are you sure this plane is going to work? The giant said it could be low in fuel.
Carter: No problem, I've fixed up just about everything on this plane.
Keiko: It only has three seats. Carter, you, Rosie, and Potsworth climb on tot he plane. Nick and I will fly right beside you.
Carter: Alright. Contact.
*plane starts, soon the plane is flying in the air, with Nick flying on one side, and Keiko on her skateboard on the other. They spot the castle*
Carter: I see the castle at 1:00.
Potsworth: But it's still midnight, as it always is in this zone.
Carter: Potsworth, that's pilot talk.
Nick: Let's find a good landing place for this baby.

*On the Castle of Starry Skies, the Midnight Patrol explores the landscape*
Keiko: I don't see any stars. And it's raining. We have to find the cause of this unusual rain.
Potsworth: I for one am ready for anything.
*Gang arrives at the castle of Starry Skies, and are greeted by an eagle with a staff*
Eagle: Four children and a dog... are you the ones they call the Midnight Patrol?
Keiko: That we are. My name's Keiko. This is Carter, Rosie, Nick, and the dog, Potsworth.
Potsworth: Always a pleasure to introduce ourselves.
Eagle: You are very lucky to come here on such a very urgent emergency. I am Queen Eaglentine, ruler of the castle of Starry Skies. The stars have not shown for a few nights, and we have no idea what is going on. We believe that our instincts are leaning towards a machine that keeps the stars from shining. Would you kids please investigate this problem?
Keiko: Nothing ever keeps the Midnight Patrol down.
Queen Eaglentine: I'm so grateful to have such helpers like the five of you. The machine is located somewhere beyond this castle, but it will take great skills to reach it.
Carter: We'll investigate the cause of this stormy weather right now.
Rosie: Just one thing I want to know. What do the numbers 92483 mean?

*Patrol comes across a cloud with a rainbow*
Keiko: Hmmm... this rainbow bridge seems to be missing a color.
Carter: A color is missing from the rainbow, but I'm an artist, and I know just what color it is.
*Carter paints his brush blue, and uses it on the rainbow without the blue hue, colors glow on the rainbow and it turns into a bridge*
Carter: I did it. We can now move on to another cloud.
*next cloud has a sign saying, In winter it always NSWOS*
Nick: It's mixed up! But I think I know the answer! It's "snows"!
*The cloud turns into a bridge and leads the Midnight Patrol to a giant cloud with a machine that is erupting clouds from its center*
Keiko: There's an inscription on the machine. It says "Punch in the code that will bring happiness to this castle". I think I know what it is!
*Keiko punches in 9, 2, 4, 8, 3. Machine dies down and the clouds disappear revealing the stars*
Queen Eaglentine: Our castle is saved! I can see the stars now. Loyal subjects! The Midnight Patrol has saved the night again.
Pelican: Now I can scoop up some water any time I want!
Hummingbird: And I can fly in any direction without any fear of thunderstorms!
Canary: And I can sing sweet songs to the stars!
*Midnight Patrol returns to Queen Eaglentine*
Keiko: We saved the castle of Starry Skies, your highness.
Queen Eaglentine: I cannot thank you enough, children. I extend my gratitude to all of you. I am forever in your debt.
Rosie: I'm just lucky my clothes did not get wrinkled.
Potsworth: We really got to be going now.
Queen Eaglentine: I am never going to forget any of you for what you did for our starry kingdom. If there's anything any of us here can do for you, just let us know.
Keiko: Thanks, Queen Eaglentine.
*Patrol returns to cave and returns the biplane to the Graystone Giant, then they return to the Chief*
Chief: Thanks to you, Midnight Patrol, the Castle of Starry Skies is back to normal.
Keiko: All in a night's work, mam.
Nick: Now we can look at the stars of the castle any time we wish.
Potsworth: Well, I am pleased to be of good assistance, but, then again, not everybody can be a "star" all the time. *chuckles*

Written by Rash Raccoon




*The Midnight Patrol is playing in the Dream Zone*
Potsworth: I caught another bone!
Carter: Wanna have some fun with this tennis ball I painted?
Keiko: I another loop-de-loop performance done by yours truly!
Nick: I love flying as high as an eagle.
Rosie: I'm always looking my best for whatever comes up.
*Police person appears*
Police: Potsworth! Carter! Keiko! Rosie! Nick!
Everyone: What?
Police: You were playing freely in the fields without permission. You are all under arrest.
Nick: What?!
Keiko: What did we--
Police: We will do the talking, kids. Come along with us.

*The Midnight Patrol is taken to a courthouse*
Rosie: This is stupid. All we did was play in the fields.
Bailiff, looking like Shorty: All rise for his honorable judge N.P.
Nick: N.P.? What's that?
*Nightmare Prince appears in judge suit*
Nick: It can't be!
Carter: Didn't we see that person befor--
Nightmare Prince: Silence! Bailiff, read the charges.
Shorty: Nick, Rosie, Keiko, Carter, and Potsworth, you are charged with the following: *points at Nick and Rosie* Playing in the fields, *points at Keiko* skateboarding without a license, *points at Carter* painting a picture of a good dream, *points and Potsworth* and roaming in a restricted area with a "No Dogs Allowed" sign. How do you plead?
All 5 members: Not guilty.
*20 minutes of testimony passes*
Shorty: They say guilty, your wickedness.
Nightmare Prince: Midnight Patrol, you're going on a trip of a lifetime to this place... *pulls down a chart with a building*
Nightmare Prince: Slumbatraz Prison.
Patrol: Slumbatraz Prison?!
Nightmare Prince: That's exactly what I said, troublemakers. Shorty, have them escorted out of the court room at once.

*At Slumbatraz Prison, the Gang are in handcuffs and are taken by Shorty, Irving, and Igor to the building*
Nick: I don't think the judge was that terrifying.
Igor: I think you'll find our warden very kind.
Keiko: Warden? What warden?!
*doors open, Nightmare Prince comes in, in a warden suit*
Nightmare Prince: It was so fun being a judge I decided to call my mother, and she's promoted me to head warden. Do as I say, and you'll be fine. Men, show our prisoners to their room.
Nick: What is this area?
Igor: This is your cell.
Potsworth: I have a feeling we're going to somehow be in dire trouble.
Irving: Ok, prisoners, to the cell.
Igor: Now let's tell the boss we can now take over the Dream Zone.
Irving: Yeah.
Rosie: Nicholas, I don't know who's to blame, but I have a feeling someone was responsible for us winding up in this room.
Nick: Rosie...
*They don't know it, but the Midnight Patrol is sharing their room with three animals: A squirrel, a bat, and a skunk.*
Squirrel: Are you prisoners in this room? All three of us are too.
Keiko: Oh, hello. My name's Keiko. These are my neighborhood friends: Carter, Rosie, Nick, and Potsworth.
Potsworth: Pleased to meet you all.
Squirrel: Oh, I can see you must be prisoners as well. Who kidnapped you?
All 5 members: The Nightmare Prince.
Squirrel: Oh, the guy who's always trying to spoil your dreams? I don't think I've introduced myself or my best friends. My name's Sarah.
Bat: I'm Squeaky!
Skunk: I'm Squirt.
Sarah: We're three animal children who got lost. We didn't know we were trespassing in an area where we couldn't be allowed to be in. We were all stunned and we woke up in this room. My mother and father will be worried if I'm not back in my forest.
Squeaky: My parents will be worried too.
Squirt: Mine too.
Keiko: Cheer up. We'll find a way to get all eight of us out of here in no time.

*Later, a guard falls asleep*
Keiko, whispering: I think he won't notice the shovel is gone. Carter, paint something.
Carter, whispering: Ok. *Carter paints a rib tickler and gives it to Keiko. Keiko reaches into the guard's stomach and tickles him. He drops the shovel.
Guard: Hoo hoo hee hee.
Keiko: Now's our chance. We gotta get ourselves and these children out of here.
Nick: Let's get digging.
*Midnight Patrol digs a big hole in the ground in 10 minutes and then they're in a passageway under the jail building.*
Keiko: Which was do we go?
Sarah: This is very complicated.
Squeaky: I've never been in a hallway like this.
Squirt: It's confusing.
Rosie: Not only that, it smells... eeew! Kind of icky.
Potsworth: Um, does anyone what we're getting into?
Nick: Here's a map!
Rosie: So how do we get out of this hallway, Nicholas.
Keiko: I have just the route.
Carter: Let's go.
*Midnight Patrol starts running, but soon they find a TV camera going back and forth*
Nick: Now what?
Keiko: We'll go in teams of 2. Nick and I will go first. Carter, you and Rosie are next. Potsworth, you and the squirrel will follow, then the bat and the skunk.
*Midnight Patrol waits for the camera to point in the direction that's opposite where they are.*
Keiko: Okay... let's go!
*The Midnight Patrol dashes through the hall to the end of the hallway, with a hole in the ceiling.*
*Meanwhile, the Nightmare Prince, Igor, Irving, and Shorty are sleeping, they hear footsteps*
Nightmare Prince: Huh? *sighs*
Igor: Did you hear anything, Irving?
Irving: I don't know.
*back underground*
Nick: My Super Nick kick will work.
*Nick kicks the grate out of the ceiling hole. The Midnight Patrol, one by one, climb out of the hole and into the main hallway in this order: Keiko, Carter, Nick, Sarah, Sqeaky, Rosie, Potsworth, Squirt.*
Keiko: We gotta find a way out of the main hall.
Nick: There's the door which we came in.
Rosie: How are you going to break this big door down, Nicholas?
Nick: With this! Super Nick Power punch!
*Nick punches the door down with his fist, and the Midnight Patrol and the three animals escape the building, unaware that the last one in line, Potsworth, had his tail shown on a camera. Alarm blares*
Computer voice: Warning! Warning! Prisoners have escaped!
Nightmare Prince: *sighs* That's a bad sign. I hope they captur-- IGOR! IRVING! SHORTY! The prisoners have escaped! Wake up, you potato brains! We must catch them!
*Nightmare Prince and his henchmen wake up and start searching for the Midnight Patrol*
Nightmare Prince spots them going near a boat dock.
Nightmare Prince: There they are!
*On boat dock*
Keiko: They've spotted us!
Nightmare Prince: Stop where you are, or we'll have to use the laser beams to paralyze you!
Nick: We can't listen to them! It'll only put our lives in danger.
Potsworth: We must get into the boat now!
Nightmare Prince: Ok, prepare to be paralyzed and be taken back to your cells!
*Nightmare Prince doesn't notice that the laser was pointing at a mirror Carter painted. A huge laser comes into the sea, but Carter backfires the laser and hits the Nightmare Prince in the face. He falls to the floor*
Igor: You ok, boss? Boss?!
Irving: I think we should call his mother.

*On the rowboat*
Nick: You're all free, children.
Rosie: That was a real adventure, wasn't it?
Sarah: You saved us all from a terrible enslavement, kids.
Squeaky: You are pretty good at making daring escapes.
Squirt: Yeah.
Keiko: Nothing we couldn't handle, little ones. Now we can take you back to your forest so your parents won't be worried about you anymore.
Carter: If it wasn't for my mirror, we would have been paralyzed for... well, man! I don't know how long.
Potsworth: *sighs* Well, we made a really daring escape, but now I think the Nightmare Prince learned a lesson didn't he?
Carter: Yeah. He was fighting the wrong side of the law.
*rowboat sails off into distance*

Written by Rash Raccoon



*The kids arrive at the Dream Zone*
Keiko: Here we are again.
Rosie: Nicholas, do your favorite super-hero things. But keep your baby dragon out of my sight.
Nick: Don't listen to her, Murphy, she's trying to scare you.
Potsworth: Don'cha just love being a care-free animal? Takes my mind off eating all that dog food.
Carter: I painted this frisbee. Catch it, Potsworth!
*Potsworth and the kids play, until they hear a moaning sound*
Potsworth: Oh. Why can't we have a fun time without something bizarre occuring?
Carter: I bet it's coming from behind those bushes.
*To the children's surprise, they find a kangaroo with boxing gloves*
Carter: Hey, what's the problem?
Kangaroo: Ooh. I just gotta get it right. Hey. Aren't you the Midnight Patrol? The defenders of the dream zone?
Keiko: That we are! We're here to help you. But... what's your problem?
Kangaroo: I've been elected to participate in a boxing match. My baby needs a leg operation and he''ll never bounce into my pouch again... *sniffle* if I don't win the match.
Rosie: Just who is your opponent?
Kangaroo: I must defeat a horrible bunyip that came to life.
Carter: What's your name?
Kangaroo: My name is Kayla.
Nick: Pleased to meet you.
*Murphy nods*
*For a few hours, the gang help Kayla practice for the boxing match*
Nick: A left, and a right! Keep it up, Kayla, you need to be in perfect condition if you want to beat your opponent.
Rosie: Just make sure she doesn't mess up my--
*Kayla accidentally hits Rosie in the face*
Rosie: OOOUCH! Clothes.
Keiko: Ok, Now the leap-and-kick!
Carter: I painted this dummy for you to attack.
Potsworth: I do hope we get this animal's shape right. Kayla, I am not going to let your baby not be able to hop again. We'll have you defeating the bunyip before you know it.
*Meanwhile in the boxing auditorium, the Nightmare Prince and the Nosey Bird are talking*
Nightmare Prince: Everything is set. My Bunyip monster is ready to take down both the marsupial and the Midnight Patrol. Get your latest prank ready, Nosey Bird.
Nosey Bird: Heh heh, you got it.
*Soon the auditorium is filled with fans*
Nick: I guess these are our seats.
Nosey Bird: Hey, you're preparing for a fight. That's a good thing to do. Of course, I'm not one to gossip but... you should give the challenger this.
Rosie: What is this?
Nosey Bird: They say if you give it to your challenger, fireworks will go off.
*Bell rings*
Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the bout of the evening! We have two opponents ready to take on each other. Let's get ready to rumble! Introducing, in the red corner, the marsupial with the urge to win... introducing... Kayla the Kangaroo!
*audience cheers*
Announcer: And her opponent, from the Swamp of No Return, the ferocious and furious Bunyip Monster!
*audience boos*
Keiko: Something fishy is going on, and we're getting to the bottom of it.
Carter: You said it, Keiko.
Potsworth: I'm so excited.
*Bell rings*
Kangaroo: Here goes nothing.
Bunyip: Grrr...
*Bunyip points out his fingers and rockets come out of its hands*
*zoom, zoom*
Kids: Whoa!
Keiko: Now it's making sense! The Nightmare Prince challenged this marsupial to this boxing match against his latest creation!
Carter: That's cheating.
Nightmare Prince: Take her down, Bunyip. Give it all you've got.
Bunyip: Grrr....
*More rockets come out of the Bunyip's fingers*
Kayla: This is too difficult. How am I going to dodge these weapons?
Keiko: Use your kick!
*Kayla kicks the rockets back to the Bunyip, damaging it a little*
Carter: He's motionless. Use your uppercut!
*Kayla uppercuts the Bunyip*
Nick: Use your tail and flip him!
*Kayla uses her tail to flip the Bunyip upside-down and gives it a hard kick, she sends it flying out of the ring and onto the aisle. CRASH!*
Man in crowd: Whoa. What a kick that animal did.
Woman in crowd: I've never seen anything like it!
*Bell rings*
Ladies and gentlemen, the winner by knockout victory... Kayla the Kangaroo!
*audience cheers frantically*
Nightmare Prince: *sigh* They beat me every time.
*telephone rings*
Nightmare Prince: Mother, I'm too depressed to talk now.

*On the ring*
Judge: I'm giving this medal to your marsupial, and for your great victory over the Bunyip, you, Kayla, and the Midnight Patrol will have enough money to repail your baby's leg*
Kids: Alright!
Kayla: Thank you, kids. You've helped me so much. I'm glad to have such helpful children like the four of you.
Nick: Don't forget Potsworth, he's been a big help, too.
Carter: And he kept Kayla on her toes the whole time.
Potsworth: Precisely. *sigh* And you know, the repair was after all, worth fighting for. *chuckles*

Fan-fic by Rash Raccoon

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