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Fan Fiction 6
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*Outside Grand Dozer's Palace*
Carter: Yeah! We're in the Dream Zone again!
Potsworth: Where shall we go today?
Nick: I know! Why don't we go to the--
*alarm blares*
Potsworth: Here we go again.
Carter: Another emergency?
Keiko: Let's go see what the problem is now.
Rosie: Oh... and we we're going to decide what to do.

*Inside the Chief's Snooze Patrol office*
Chief: This is your mission, Midnight Patrol: The Nightmare Prince took away the Snooze Crystal and broke it into 5 pieces. Each of you must the pieces of the crystal pieces back together. They are scattered throughout the Island of Elements. There is one piece in each of its Elements: Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, and Ice. I know you kids are up to this challenge. Good luck, Midnight Patrol.
Midnight Patrol members: Yes, ma'am!

*The Island of Elements*
Keiko: There it is! We are going to land on that dock!
*They approach a wall with a map*
Carter: It says, "The Island of Elements is for those who are most courageous in exploring it.
Rosie: What does THAT mean?
Keiko: That means we must use are skill...
Potsworth: Pardon me, but aren't you kids a little too young to do this?
Keiko: Potsworth, you silly, have we ever failed any missions? Of course not.
Potsworth: I don't know what's worse... this... or the terrible meat I had this evening.
Nick: The Snooze Crystal is broken, and we are the ones who can put it back together!
Carter: But the term "we" doesn't go with what we're doing.
Keiko: You're correct. We have to split up and get the Crystal pieces back.

*Nightmare Prince's castle*
Nightmare Prince: I've finally done it, men! I've scattered those crystal pieces in places where those stupid kids will never find them! Men, this is a map of the Island of Elements. I didn't list the exact locations of any of the crystal pieces, so those kids will have to think by themselves! It's so complicated, that if they can't locate them all, I'll have the Dream Zone to myself! Naturally.

*Potsworth & Co. think*
Keiko: It's settled. We have to get the crystal pieces in each of these elemental areas. Rosie, you will go to the Wind Zone. Carter, you'll head for the caverns in the Earth Zone. Nick, you'll climb the volcano in the Fire Zone. Potsworth, you must get to the tundra of the Ice Zone.
Potsworth: And what about you?
Keiko: I am to get the piece in the Water Zone.
Potsworth: So be it.
Carter: Let's get going.

Rosie's task: The Wind Zone

*Rosie sees an elevator*
Rosie: "Take this elevator to the sky." Well, I can give it a shot.
*Rosie enters the elevator. 20 minutes later, she is in the sky*
Rosie: *sigh* How much longer? I've been in here for too long.
*doors open*
Rosie: It's about time! Now I have to find the piece in... AAH!
*Rosie realizes she is 8,000 feet in the air*
Rosie: I'm on a platform suspended in the sky! And I thought Potsworth was afraid of heights... so am I! I can't look down!
*As Rosie continues to admire the clouds, she is suddenly pushed back towards the edge of a platform*
Rosie: Aah! I can't fight this wind! It's too strong! I'm being forced back! I wish my little brother was here.
*The wind stops*
Ah... it's calm now. Now I can continue with this task. Wow. Why are those leaves blowing up in the air?
*Rosie sees a crystal piece floating on a platform*
Rosie: What is that glowing thing?
*Rosie runs and leaps to the platform*
Rosie: There it is!
*Rosie claims her crystal piece*
Rosie: I found it!

Nick (and Murphy)'s task: The Fire Zone

Nick: This volcano sure is a long way up isn't it, Murphy?
*Murphy nods*
Nick: Hmm... too bad there's nothing in here that can surprise us that quickly.
*an explosion is heard, and lava erupts from the volcano*
Nick: And I always thought Rosie lost her temper and exploded when she got angry at anyone. Uh-oh!
*edges of the volcano hole crumble as Nick tries to inch himself towards the hot cave*
Nick: That's a real hot-foot, Murphy. I'm sure that with my courage, I can make it across.
*Eventually, Nick makes it across the hot cave*
Nick: Gee. I wish there was a way to get up through that hot cave faster.
*Murphy nods*
Nick: Wow. A ladder. I gotta climb up it and see what's up there.
*Nick climbs up the ladder and sees that he is on a higher ledge inside the volcano*
Nick: What's that glowing thing up there? It's... it's... something glowing!
*Nick flies diagonally upwards towards a narrow alcove*
Nick: It's a piece of the Snooze Crystal!
*Nick claims his crystal piece*
Nick: This piece is mine!

Potsworth's task: The Ice Zone

Potsworth: Br-r-r-r-r! I must say it is rather chilly in this zone! Well, I've got a job to accomplish.
*Potsworth trudges through the snow, and he suddenly sees a cold river*
Potsworth: The river is iced, but the ice could be very fragile. And I'm a terrible swimmer.
*Potsworth sees a pole and an ax*
Potsworth: Hmm... Let's see... I've got to chop this part of the pole... and it must reach the other side of the cold river.
*Potsworth puts his foot on the ice and it cracks instantly*
Potsworth: Yes, I'm afraid there's no other choice. This pole is going down... for good!
*Potsworth chops the bottom of the pole 25 times, and by the last time, it tumbles and hits the cold water with a big splash*
Potsworth: That was not that hard. Now I should be able to cross this river with no ups or downs.
*Potsworth carefully gets to the pole that is floating in the river, and tries to keep proper balance*
Potsworth: Almost there... Almost there... about one more inch.
*Potsworth makes it across the river and climb back up the other side of the ravine, and sees something glowing in a dead tree*
Potsworth: Good heavens... is that what I think it is?
*Potsworth climbs the tree and claims crystal piece*
Potsworth: I've gotten my piece of the Snooze Crystal!
*Potsworth climbs down and shouts in triumph*
Potsworth: Looks like a gem!

Carter's task: The Earth Zone
Carter: Man! What a dark, damp cave this is.
*Carter hears rumbling sounds*
Carter: Hey! What was that noise? I can't stand here and ponder. I have to find that crystal piece.
*Carter soon encounters a huge gap*
Carter: Now how do I get across?
*Carter thinks for a while*
Carter: Wait a second! I've got a pallette for painting anything.
*using his pallette, he starts painting a rope, he then twirls it over his head and throws one end of the rope to the other side of the gap*
Carter: Now I can get through with no problem.
*Carter tries to cross, but midway through, he loses his balance falls, but catches the rope at the last second*
Carter: Gosh! That was close! That's a long way down.
*Carter continues to hang on to the rope until he ison the other side of the gap, he climbs up*
Carter: Made it! Now to find that crystal piece.
*Carter suddenly sees a glow on a stalagmite*
Carter: That's what I'm looking for!
*Carter sees a glowing crystal piece on the stalagmite, and claims it*
Carter: I found my piece!

Keiko's task: The Water Zone
Keiko: It looks like I'm in a drainpipe and a museum at the same time.
*As Keiko takes her first step, it starts to rain*
Keiko: It can't rain inside here... can it? Well, my skateboard can get the job done.
*Keiko tries to use her skateboard in the drainpipe, but the ground is so wet it will not leave the ground*
Keiko: *sigh* Oh no. My flying skateboard is probably out of gas.
*Keiko thinks it's just foot from there on*
Keiko: Well, I guess I shall have to walk from here on...
*Keiko slips on something and starts to fall*
Keiko: Oouuuuuuuuuut!
*Keiko realizes she is sliding down a waterfall, a minute later the water drops her into a lake*
Keiko: That was a big ride. Now what happens? There is a crystal piece somewhere here. But where?
*As Keiko looks down into the water, she sees a glowing star at the bottom, 60 feet below*
Keiko: That has to be the crystal piece! I'm a skateboarder, maybe, but I'm a champion swimmer, too.
*Keiko submerges herself and swims down towards the crystal piece and takes it from the floor*
Keiko, garbled: I found it!
*Keiko then swims up to the surface*
Keiko: I found my piece!

*Potsworth & Co. are together again*
Nick: Now what?
Rosie: We've been through all that trouble look for the pieces of the Snooze Crystal.
Keiko: It says that the pieces must me placed back in the Elemental Museum where a huge mural is located.
Potsworth: We've gathered each of the crystals, and we have to put them in a huge mural? I say, that must be a hard task.
Carter: C'mon, Potsworth, we've got to find that mural.

*At the Elemental Museum*
Nick: Sure is spooky in here.
Rosie: You're telling me. This place has nothing that matches the colors of my clothes.
Potsworth: I certainly do hope we stumble into that mural somehow.
Carter: Even so, we can't wait to see what it looks like.
Keiko: Look everyone, up ahead!
*To everybody's amazement, they see a huge picture with a star inside*
Keiko: Let me try to understand this. It reads, "You must put each crystal back into its rightful spot of its color in order for it to fit".
Carter: What a tough task.
Nick: Let's try figuring it out.
*The gang examines the huge mural*
Nick: Hey! The red section has a flame next to it! Yeah! My piece must go... HERE!
Rosie: The blue section has a cloud next to it. My piece must go here!
Potsworth: That lighter blue section has an icicle next to it, so my piece goes here!
Carter: That section is brown, so my crystal piece goes where the that stalactite is!
Keiko: That leaves me. I know that the green section has a wave of water... so that's where my crystal piece goes!
*Altogether, they put the crystal pieces into the mural's proper holes, and effectively, a glow is seen and a tone is heard*
Nick: What happens next?
*There is a burst of energy coming from the ceiling of the museum and all five sections of the Island of Elements start glowing*
Keiko: We did it! We solved the puzzle of the Island of Elements!
Potsworth: We have done a very good job, indeed!
Keiko: Look! All of the sections outside are brighter now that we've completed our task!
Nick: I wonder what that rotten Nightmare Prince has on his mind now?

*Back at his castle, the Nightmare Prince is angry*
Nightmare Prince: I can't believe it! They solved the challenging puzzle that was never to be solved! I hate those stupid little kids! *sigh*

*The Midnight Patrol return to the Snooze Patrol building*
Chief: I thank you for fulfilling the mission I had gave you. The inhabitants at the Island of Elements are pleased to know that you've brightened everybody's lives with the crystals you found.
Keiko: Yes, mam, and we put the crystals back in their proper areas so it could form one big one.
Nick: We fulfilled it all, ma'am.
Rosie: That is for sure.
Potsworth: Well, I think we should be waking up now.
Carter: Yeah. The first thing I'm going to do when I wake up... is specialize in a brand new element: Lighting up my life with my art.

Fan-fic by Rash Raccoon

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