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Ok well this is why I decided to make a POTSWORTH & CO. Website.
A few years ago i remember waking up in the morning before school and watching the television. 1 day i woke up very early about 7.00 and turned on the T.V and i saw this Cartoon it looked great. The episode I first Saw was THE WISHING WHALE and i loved it and then it stopped being Aired and i never got to watch them again. Fortunatly I found out the Name of the cartoon(Potsworth & Co.) and then a few years later i found there were videos and to this day I have all the videos it was a hard search but i finaly got them:).
I loved the thought of when these kids fell asleep the could have adventures in the Dream Zone. It all is so Magical.
 My Name is Alex and I created this site also for people who have loved this cartoon but need more information on it.

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