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Age: 10 (60 in human years)
Likes: Being sarcastic.
Dislikes: Having to complain every night about dog things.
Profile: Potsworth is a very smart dog. His breed is a springer spaniel. In reality, he is a normal dog. However, in the Dream Zone, he can speak. He can sound very cranky at first, but his sentences seem to be stern. He's a dog who wants what's really best for the kids in certain situations. He is the pet of Carter, one of the four kids.  


Age: 9
Likes: Being faster than sound.
Dislikes: Slow-moving things.
Energetic, optomistic, and positive are the three words that best describe Keiko, the group's aerodynamic member. She is always seen flying on her flying skateboard, which can travel at the speed of sound. Always being first to reach a destination, she sounds more like the leader of the group than Potsworth. She is often positive about certain things.


Nick (Super Nick)
Age: 7
Likes: To be in the air.
Dislikes: When Rosie, his sister, gets annoyed.
Nick is the youngest member of the Midnight Patrol. In reality he is normal, but in the Dream Zone, he is a high-flying child. He is always assisted in the Dream Zone by his stuffed toy dinosaur, Murphy, who comes to life when he's asleep. He hopes one night he can foil the Nightmare Prince's evil schemes like a real super hero.  


Age: 8
Likes: To look beautiful.
Dislikes: Murphy, being dirty.
Don't be fooled by Rosie's innocent looks; Rosie is the "fashion queen" of the group and any of if her clothes get wrinkled, she'll WILL have a say about it, and have a loud mouth to prove it. She is Nick's big sister and never tolerates Murphy being too close to her presence. She is the very annoying member of the group.


Likes: Art.
Dislikes: Colorless worlds, people who don't like his art.
Carter is probably the oldest kid, and Potsworth's owner. He is artistic, and in the Dream Zone, he has a magic palette that enables his paintbrush to paint anything, and in doing so, make whatever he draws come to life. He can use this ability to help his friends when they really needs his help. If anyone could help a person in need of something, it is defenitly this member of the Patrol.


Grand Dozer
Age: N/A
Likes: Sleeping
Dislikes: Bad cases of insomnia.
Make no mistake, the Grand Dozer is the ruler of the Dream Zone, and the source for all people having good dreams. He has an orderly and helpful assistant named Sebastian, who makes sure the Dozer has pleasant dreams himself.


Nightmare Prince
Age: Unknown
Likes: Spoiling others' dreams.
Dislikes: The Midnight Patrol.
The big cheese villain of the Dream Zone, the Nightmare Prince will stop at nothing to try to get rid of the Midnight Patrol, along with his three potato-shaped henchmen, Igor, Irving, and Shorty. However, his henchmen are dim-witted and because of this, the Prince can never get things his own way. He has a telephone in his sleeve, and his caller his usually his mother, who calls him at inappropriate times.