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Fan Fiction Page 3
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*In Nick & Rosie's house, Nick is playing a game, and Rosie is reciting a verse from a fairy tale*
Rosie: I do not have the right clothes for the royal ball.
Nick, chiming in: What ball? A football? A tennis ball? Maybe a bouncing ball! I love to bounce!'
Rosie: Nicholas, stop being silly. A ball is like a party with lots of fancy stuff.
Nick: Um, what's this rehearsing about all about, anyway?
Rosie: This is all part of a school play I'm reciting. It starts tomorrow at 11:00.
Nick: How does it start out?

*In beds*
Nick: Rosie, what's this play called?
Rosie: It's called Cinderella, Nicholas. I have to look my prettiest for tomorrow. I have everything set up for tomorrow. I'm going to be perfect. *yawns* Good night, Nicholas. I'll see you in the Dream Zone.
Nick: Good night, Rosie.

*Rosie arrives at the Dream Zone, in a mansion, without the other members, and is wearing a peasant outfit*
Rosie: Hey, is THIS what I wear? I'm not going to dream like this. Where's my--
*Two girls looking like they are made from swamp mud appear and approach Rosie.*
Stepsister #1: Cinder-Rosie, here's my dishes. Now wash them!
Stepsister #2: My clothes are a mess, Cinder-Rosie. Please wash them.
Rosie: Yes, whoever you two grouches are.
Stepsisters: Grouches?!
Stepsister #1: Wait until mother hears about this.
Rosie: My name's been changed to Cinder-Rosie?! That's my name? And who's their mother?

*Meanwhile, other members arrive at the Dream Zone*
Carter: Yes! We made it to the Dream Zone again, Potsworth.
Potsworth: *sighs* We're in the middle of an open beach. What shall we do?
Keiko: I guess now that we're all here, we should have a contest. Will all of you stand aside while explain the rules of the game we'll play. I call this new game--
Nick: Wait a minute, Rosie isn't with us.
Keiko: Huh?
Nick: She's not beside me.
*Murphy groans*
Keiko: We gotta look for her. Somehow she must have wondered off.
Nick: Maybe the Chief might know where Rosie is.

*Back inside mansion, Rosie is being talked to by a woman, who looks like she is made from swamp mud*
Stepmother: Cinder-Rosie, I'm giving you the proper clothes for the ball. Now pay attention to my plan. While you and your stepsisters are gone, I'm going to build this laser cannon, aim it at Dream Central, and fire the laser at it, blowing the castle to pieces.
Rosie: But that's where the Grand Dozer sleeps.
Stepmother: I know. This plan is just so I can take over the Dream Zone. Once the castle is gone, the Dream Zone will be rightfully mine.
Rosie: *gasp* You won't get away with it! The Nightmare Prince never got away with anything.
Stepmother: The Nightmare Prince? Who's that?
Rosie: Our worst enemy.
Stepmother: That guy? He always failed every time. But with me, it's different!
Rosie: How?
Stepmother: I am the one who's going to rule the Dream Zone... forever!

*At Dream Central*
Chief: Oh, now I get it. Gather around, Snooze Patrol, I have terrible news. The headquarters where the Grand Dozer resides is in grave danger of being destroyed.
Midnight Patrol, Rosie's being held captive in that mansion. You must save her now.
Patrol: Aye aye, mam!

*At the mansion*
Nick: We're here at the mansion.
Carter: What's that large cannon for?
Potsworth: Maybe there's going to be fireworks.
Keiko: *gasps* It's pointing at the place where the Grand Dozer lives! If we don't act fast, the Dream Zone will be doomed.
*Patrol breaks into mansion*
Stepsisters: Intruders! Mother, we have intruders in this mansion.
Stepmother: I'll handle this. You have no right to be in this building.
Nick: We know you're holding Rosie captive. Release her now or we'll find her.
Stepmother: Just do us here a favor and get out of this house. Your presense in this house will not be necessary.
*Patrol is thrown out of the mansion*
Potsworth: Um, does anyone have any better ideas?
Keiko: I have a plan.

*Inside mansion, Rosie is tied up to a ceiling*
Rosie: I've had enough of this, I want to know what's going on.
Stepsisters: You're going to become a zombie just like us, and our mother!
Rosie: I'm not too happy about this...
*Patrol breaks in*
Carter: Ok, you're responsible for the kidnapping of Nick's sister.
Keiko: Knock them out, Nick.
Nick uses his super abilities and kicks the stepsisters in their faces, and they melt into mush, he then unties Rosie*
Keiko: And as for you, stepmother, you're finished.
*Keiko uses skateboard to attack the stepmother in the head, she melts into mush. Patrol gasps*
Keiko: These people were actually creatures made from the swamp to look like the stepsisters and stepmother of Rosie. I think the Nightmare Prince must have been in that area.

*Dream Central*
Chief: Kids, you saved the Grand Dozer's life again. I must thank you very much for your success.
Keiko: We really gotta be waking up now. Good-bye.

*In beds*
Rosie: Come on, Nicholas. My school play is coming and I don't want to be late.
Nick: I'm coming, Rosie.
Rosie: No one will ever talk mean in the play. It's all just an act.
Nick: I know. Make sure that if you get anything ruined, don't "act" up.

Fan fic written by Rash Raccoon  




*Nick and Rosie's house, where the two of them are having dinner*
Rosie: This dinner will be absolutely outstanding. I can almost see myself growing healthy and strong.
Nick: Rosie, I love this dinner. I wonder what were having...
*string beans are placed in front of Nick*
Nick: Not again!
Rosie: Nicholas, string beans are good for you.
Nick: Every day it's the same meal. Why can't we have something more delicious like meat or spaghetti or something?
Rosie: Because, Nicholas... we're all out of them!
Nick: *sighs* I guess I have to take the bad with the good.

*In beds*
Rosie: The meal was delicious, Nicholas, and I'm sure you must have enjoyed it too.
Nick: Yeah, but I wish I could have something different.
Rosie: Maybe, just maybe, we will go food shopping and I'll let you buy anything you like. If you behave yourself. *yawns* I'll see you in the Dream Zone.
Nick: Good night.

*Gang arrives at the Dream Zone, in an open field*
Nick: It sure is quite around here.
Rosie: What is that?!
Potsworth: Ahem! It must be a giant string bean planted in this field.
Carter: Potsworth, it's too big to be a string bean.
Keiko: Maybe there might be something up there that might be of interest. Let's climb.
*Patrol climbs up the beanstalk into the night sky, and 30 minutes later they are in the clouds*
Nick: Look at all those clouds.
*Murphy squeals*
Nick: Yeah, Murphy, they do look like pieces of popcorn, only... they're hard to eat.
Rosie: We're in the sky, Nicholas. And everything is 100% starry.
Keiko: Wow! Look at the size of that castle.
Carter: Do you think we should explore?
Keiko: What have we got to lose?
*Patrol approaches castle, but moat, the size of a common lake, is in their way.
Carter: I think I know of a way to get across.
*Carter paints a hook clinger, twirls it over his head, and hurls it at the stairs.
Potsworth: Is this the only way we can get across this moat?
Keiko: Do you want to see what's inside or what? Everyone ready to hang onto the rope?
Rosie: I hope I am. I really don't want to let go of this rope... and I want you to realize, guys, that I can't swim.
*Patrol climbs rope to stairs, and safely, the Patrol drops to the top stair. They crawl under the door*
Carter: Wow! Everything is so big here.
Potsworth: I think we ought to be careful. Does anyone know we're here?
Nick: Wow! Look! Food!
*Nick flies to the top of the table, and dives into a large bucket of popcorn*
Nick: Wow! I get to eat all the food I want!
*Keiko flies to the top of table, and Potsworth, Carter, and Rosie climb up to the top of the table*
Keiko: Nick, all that food is too big for you. I recommend that you get out of that bowl now.
Nick: I was just trying to have a snack.
Booming voice: Fee, fi, fo, foal!
Patrol: Uh-oh.
Booming voice: I smell the blood of the Midnight Patrol!
Keiko: Nick! It's a giant! Get away from there!
Nick: I'm gone! "zoom"
*Patrol hides behind one of the bowls, then climb down the table. Giant falls asleep on table. A clucking sound is heard*
Rosie: Is this place also a farm?
Keiko: I don't know. We should see what it is.
*Patrol discovers a giant hen laying a golden egg*
Nick: What are you doing here?
Hen: Braawk! The giant kidnapped me and I'm lay here on this egg.
Nick, yelling: WE WILL HELP OUT OF--
Rosie: Not so loud, Nicholas. You'll wake the giant up.
Hen: Kids, you've got to help me out of this castle.
Keiko: We're here to take you out of here.
Potsworth: On one condition.
Carter: The giant's asleep, let's quietly get going.
*Hen flies to the window, and Patrol gets outside the castle, Patrol uses the rope to descend to the ground*
Rosie: Nicholas!
*Giant is disturbed*
Giant: Hmmm? Aw, just a bunch of kids. Hen's gone and-- HEN'S GONE?!
Carter: Now we're in big trouble.
Potsworth: To the beanstalk! We gotta hurry!
*Patrol makes it to the beanstalk with the giant chasing them*
Giant: Give me back my hen!!
*Patrol climbs down beanstalk quickly, and reaches the bottom. Carter paints a chainsaw and uses it to cut the beanstalk until 15 16ths of it is sawed. It starts to crumble*
Patrol: TIBMER!!
Giant: I knew I shouldn't have attempted this...
*Giant starts falling, and Patrol gets out of the way and hide in the bushes just as he lands on the ground with a big crash*
Hen: I'm back to normal size now. He turned me into a giant like himself. But now I'm back to normal size.
Keiko: We'll return you back to the farm.

*At the farm*
Hen: Ahhh, this is a comfortable spot. Thanks, Midnight Patrol, you were such a big help.
Keiko: *gasp* It's time for us to wake up now.
Hen: Good-bye Midnight Patrol, I'll never forget you.
Patrol: Good-bye!

*Kids wake up*
Rosie: Nicholas, our parents are taking us food shopping.
Nick: I'm all dressed up, Rosie.
Rosie: Wasn't that a fun adventure, Nick? I'll bet it beat eating string beans.
Nick: Yeah. And as for that giant, he was definitely "beaned".

Written by Rah Raccoon







*It is a cold winter night in the neighborhood, and the Gang (minus Keiko) are playing in the snow*
Nick: A snowball coming at you! *throws a snowball in Carter's face*
Carter: Well, here's an even bigger one!
Rosie: Make sure you don't hit me in the face with that--
*snowball hits Rosie in face*
Rosie: Ow! Ewww! Who was responsible for that?!
Carter: Sorry, I was.
Rosie: Carter, if you EVER do that again I'll--
*Keiko steps outside*
Keiko: Calm down, Rosie. It's fun to have a snowball fight sometimes.

*In beds*
Nick: Boy, am I cold.
Rosie: You should be cold, after all that time we were out there. Come on, Nicholas, let's get to bed.
Nick: Good night, Rosie, see you in the Dream Zone.

*The Gang arrive in a strange cold place in the Dream Zone*
Potsworth: *shivers* Is anyone aware that we're in a very cold place?
Carter: Wow! Look at all this ice.
Nick: We must be in the middle of a snow area.
Keiko: This must be the cold region of the Dream Zone.
*blizzard somes in*
Potsworth: We better find a place that's warm. I feel a cold draft.
Keiko: But the area's wide open. There's nothing.
*Musk ox appears*
Rosie: Aah! A giant cow!
Musk ox: There is something in the ground. You can hide under that hole.
*Patrol climb down hole in the ground. The area where the hole is is actually an entrance to a cold room*
Musk ox: I'm happy the five of you are here in this room. I've got terrible news: A monster known as Bigfoot has invaded this frozen region. He's trying to crush our home. You must find a way to stop him. I wish I could go with you, but I'm too old and too slow to do that. The five of you are smart enough to make short work of that monster. He lives in the Cold Cave which is west of this area.
Nick: How do we get there?
Musk ox: You must work your way through a frozen pond and when you come to the mountains, you'll see the cave of Bigfoot. Good luck.
Keiko: The Midnight Patrol is on the case Mr. Musk Ox.
*Patrol trudges through a frozen forest*
Nick: My feet are frozen.
Potsworth: My word's exactly. I cannot go another step. I'm gonna catch a cold. Can't we relax for just a little while?
Keiko: No, Potsworth, the musk ox said we must continue until we come to a frozen pond.
Nick: Isn't that the frozen pond right over there?
Rosie: Nicholas, it's a good thing I'm wearing these ice skates.
Nick: How come?
Rosie: I've been practicing for the ice skating championship starting as soon as we wake up.
Nick: The ice seems safe.
Rosie: Good. Now here I go.
*Rosie skates on the ice, thinking she knows where the Patrol is going.
Rosie: This is very easy for me.
*Rosie continues skating unaware of a "DANGER" sign she passed, and is nearing a fragile crack in the ice*
Carter: Rosie...
Rosie: There, I am #1!
Keiko: Rosie, you're standing on a crack!
Rosie: Don't tell me...
Rosie: Aah!
Nick: Rosie!
Potsworth: We must help her quickly!
Rosie: *cough* HELP! *glub* Somebody save me!
Carter: I think we can get her out with this!
*Carter paints a rope, twirls it over his head, and throws it to Rosie, the Patrol pulls her out of the hole in the ice*
Rosie: Nicholas, why did you tell me the ice was safe when it you knew it wasn't?
Nick: I didn't see the crack in the first place.
Rosie: Are you blind?
Keiko: Stop! Fighting won't solving anything. I'm just glad you're not hurt, Rosie.
Carter: Let's continue to find that cave.
*Patrol eventually comes to a cave, and meet 3 creatures: A walrus, a penguin, and an ermine*
Carter: Is this Bigfoot's cave?
Walrus: It sure is, and we can't even figure out a way to get him to leave this region. He's invading our peaceful snow land. I'm Wally.
Penguin: My name's Petey.
Ermine: I'm Esmeralda.
Keiko: The musk ox showed us where to go.
This is the place where we have to get the big monster to leave this area.
Carter: I've got a brilliant idea.
*Carter paints a female version of Bigfoot, and also paints a large bear trap*
Penguin: Are you kids sure this will work?
Keiko: Would the Midnight Patrol ever steer you wrong?
*Inside his cave, Bigfoot wakes up*
*Bigfoot looks outside and sees a female Bigfoot*
Bigfoot: Grr......
Esmeralda: We got it kids, the plan's working.
Potsworth: I can almost see this happening.
*Bigfoot marches out of cave and marches toward female Bigfoot*
Bigfoot: Awww...
Rosie: Pull the rope, Nicholas!
Nick: See ya!
*Nick pulls rope, and bear trap snaps hard onto Bigfoot's leg*
Walrus: We got 'em!
Nick: Bigfoot is captured!
Carter: Good going, Super Nick!
*Keiko to snow geese*
Keiko: Seagulls, take the bear trap and Bigfoot somewhere where he'll never return!
Snow geese: Yes, mam.

*In snow fields*
Walrus: Thanks for your help, Midnight Patrol. Our snow field is back to its peaceful state.
Penguin: No more troubles for this place.
Ermine: Bigfoot will never haunt us again.
Keiko: Look at the time. It's been fun, helping you all get your land back, but we have to wake up now.
Nick: We wish to see you again, creatures of the cold region.
Potsworth: We will never forget any of you.
Walrus, Penguin, Ermine: Good-bye, Midnight Patrol!

*Kids wake up*
Nick: That was some cool dream.
Rosie: It sure was, Nicholas.

*Back outside, children are playing in the snow again*
Nick: I'll never forget that fight we had with Bigfoot.
Carter: You bet.
Rosie: Try not to get snow in my face this time.
Keiko: Well, Rosie, try to keep your head out of the snow and concentrate on your on-goings.
Nick: Well, I gotta tell ya, the Bigfoot battle we had was a "big fight".

Written by Rash Raccoon

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